Welcome to the showcase where we highlight Setsuna's many failed attempts to own a man.

Setsuna is over a thousand years old. You would think that after all this time she would have been able to land herself a man.

What a loser.

What a desperate loser.

You people can all drop dead and go to Outworld Hell! You are all mean and cruel to me for no reason!

Think of this as payback for sicing Dan on us! Without Dan under your control you are powerless!

Setsuna, can I ask you something?

What is it now? Are you going to make fun of my lonely and pathetic life too?

No, it is about Ryu. I need advice about men. How can I get Ryu to notice me? How can I get Ryu to love me as much as he loves the fight?

I am the wrong person to ask for about advice with men. All the men that I lust over look like Ryu and star in yaoi pornos. There is nothing hotter than a good Liu Kang X Fei Long movie. The only real life experiences that I have with men are spying on them with my binoculars while they shower and then being arrested for being a stalker. I've been given so many restraining orders that it is not even funny.

That is almost the same as how I pursue Chun-Li. I know that she is just playing hard to get and all those times that she slapped me was just foreplay.

Shut up, Vega, and leave me alone. I would put handcuffs on you and arrest you but you would enjoy it too much.

Cammy is the one that you should be asking for advice on men.

If you like the man then just fuck him. It is as simple as that.

But Ryu doesn't like to be touched. The only time I can put my hands on him is when we are fighting at the tournaments. Sigh. How can I get Ryu to pay any attention to me. All he cares about is the fight.

I think that you are so hot, Chun Li. I can't stop drooling when I am around you. Only by sniffing your panties can I calm down.

Not now, Vega! I am not in the mood to deal with your pervertedness!

If you give me the chance I will give you all the attention that you want. I would love to put my hands on your ass and kiss you all over.

I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE, VEGA!!!! Why aren't you running for your life right now from Dan?

I made a deal with Setsuna that will keep me safe from Dan from now on by using another poor sap as a replacement. All it costs me is $10,000 a week.

Kunzite, get your womanly virgin ass over here right now and bend over! Why do you think I dyed your hair blond and gave you that snake tattoo for?

I am not going to take part in your sick, perverted, yaoi fantasies! One day I will find a way to escape from here and kill myself to end all this torture from you! Why haven't you been reported to the Ethic Review Board for inhumane acts of cruelty?

Chun Li, can you sit on my lap and do the bouncy thing with your titties?

One more perverted comment from you and I will snap your neck!

You two make a real cute couple. From now on I am going to start shippping the Chun Li X Vega pairing.


N.... Nothing.....

Now that everyone is distracted I can escape from here and return back to the safety of my cage.

Where do you think you are going? Oh, Dan.... It is supper time!

D... Dan is here? Run for your life! I am out of here!

Is it Vega? Vega, my darling is that you? Where is my kissy?



Are you blind? I am not Vega! Leave me alone! Stay away from me, you little pink freak!

Dan loves his Vega!!!!! SAIKYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


The more you run away and scream with fear the more turned on Dan is.

Setsuna, you are a time goddess so can you tell me if I have a future with Ryu? Will I be married to Ryu?

Or will my beautiful Chun Li be married to me instead?

The answer to that question is that very soon you will see a proposal and wedding bells from.....