Where did all the women disappear to? It is like a ghost town here.

Where is my Chun Li?!?! Are you telling me that I showered for two hours and ate a whole bottle of Viagra pills for nothing? CHUN LI!!!!!!

Someone please shut him up.

All the women went off to watch Ryu fight Seth. Rumor has it that Ryu will fight with his shirt off and that has got all the women excited. It must be good to be Ryu.

If I was a champion like Ryu I would buy myself my own football team, network and make a movie about my life's achievements.

If I was a champion like Ryu I would take over the world and then shove it in Shao Kahn's face.

If I was a champion like Ryu I would get Chun Li to suck my dick!


Vega, no wonder Chun Li is always slapping you around.

Oh my gay stars! What have we here? A huge group of handsome men just waiting for Dan! Dan is so happy because it is like he has his very own harem of Vegas for his Saikyo dojo. Now who wants to be first to give Dan a kiss?