Street Fighter Movie Narration: Part 1

Vega is indeed shocked to hear Bison had taken those hostages - if he could, he would do anything he could to help Guile free them. He just needed to get close to Bison and then betray both him and Sagat -whom he had already gotten close to- then slip away and free the hostages!

But for now, he has to concentrate on the cage fight. He already has his sash, shoes and pants on and is polishing his claws and mask, while his two female acolytes Raven and Sara select a number of very beautiful blood-red roses from some of the vases throughout Vega's quarters, and place the roses on the two velvet cushions. It only feels appropriate for the beautiful Vega to hand out one rose each to his adoring female fans -or perhaps all of those roses to a very beautiful girl whom he falls in love with- as he enters the ring for the cage fight!

With his claw and mask polished, Vega then puts them on and admires himself in the mirror. "I will slaughter Ryu like the ugly fool he is!" he smirks to himself.