Street Fighter Movie Narration: Part 11

Luckily enough, as Jaden leaves the AN headquarters he sees the GNT news van and waves it down. Honda and Balrog hurriedly and happily welcome him aboard, more than happy to take him with them to the Black Market - and they explain theirs and Chun Li's plan to Jaden, and also plan to get him in there safely but certainly not make it all look suspicious to Bison and his forces. Jaden happily agrees to the plan.

His own convoy now en route to the Black Market, Bison is relaxing on the back seat in his red stretch limousine and sipping on a glass of red wine. He gloats over Guile's 'death'... but cannot contain his drooling at Natalie...

"Mmmm yeeesss..." Bison smiles. "I cannot help but envy Vega for beating me to such a beautiful young lady... why if he had not chosen her, then I most certainly would take her myself! And it's just as well I plan to have her and all other females on hers and Vega's convoy properly dressed, because again if she were unattached then yes I would certainly grant her a... private interview..."

But before he can say anything more, or his chauffeur can reply... his TV screen automatically switches on, displaying the faces of both Vega and Natalie. "I heard that, Bison!" Vega comments. "I heard it just as we began transmission!"

Bison puts his glass down on a glass holder, and he adjusts his cape as he sits back up again. "Ahhh, Vega!" he smiles. "And the lovely Natalie! Well you can't deny it, now can you?"

"True..." Vega replies. "But remember I will be the one to do such things as, how you say, grant her a private interview..." ...His words indeed causing Natalie to blush madly...

Bison chuckles. "True, true! Anyhow, I'm guessing you're close to the Black Market?"

"We just arrived, actually!" replies Natalie. "The others have gone in and they're choosing their clothes and getting dressed, but as promised we're contacting you first. Then we'll go..."

"So you beat me to it!" laughs Bison. "Very well - you may all wait for me either in the tent, or at the entrance to the Black Market! Once you are all dressed and your prison uniforms all burned, yes..."

Natalie salutes. "As you wish, Your Excellency. Natalie and Vega out..." and the screen switches off once more... leaving Bison to once again drool at even the mere thought of this beautiful girl...

The Black Market is bustling. Many of Bison's fellow warlords and their own evil forces are too gathered here tonight! Sagat and his thugs, plus Vega's many fans and friends, are choosing what to wear for this party and even buying other little 'mementoes' of this current battle, then finding some private space to dress themselves. The only others who see them change into their clothes are of course, where applicable, their respective lovers - even Jenny de Cerna wishes she had brought her cellphone with her, all so her beloved Albert Wesker can briefly 'view' her via cellphone camera while she changes her clothes!

Natalie and Vega are now looking around the Black Market. Vega has already chosen a beautiful Spanish outfit to wear, but Natalie is yet to choose - and just as they are about to take a look at another market stall, what appears to be a female masked circus acrobat emerges from within a nearby tent, pitched up right next to a bright red van with the words 'Benbelli Bros.' on it. Somehow, she seems familiar.

"Pssst, you two!" she whispers in a somewhat familiar voice. "Come over here, but don't get caught! It's okay, I won't hurt!"

Natalie and Vega shrug, and they follow the woman into the tent. Two elaborately-dressed but also somewhat familiar men -the supposed Benbelli Bros.- emerge from a small changing room. The woman takes off her mask - it's Chun Li! Then the two men are none other than... Honda and Balrog!

"What are you doing here?" Vega asks the trio.

"We're infiltrating..." Balrog replies. "...Through entertaiment. I hope you will enjoy the show..."

"And don't tell Bison about this - we'll take care of it, yes..." Honda adds. "But we're going to blow him and his forces straight to Hell! Trust us, though... we'll give you and your friends plenty of time to escape - and then go on to find and rescue the hostages..."

"Uhh..." shrugs Natalie, "...Okayyyy..."

"But if our plan fails, and Bison captures us..." Chun Li adds, "...Nonetheless our plan will still be successful, right?"

"Of course..." smiles Vega.

Chun Li then turns to Natalie. "We of course also want to apologise and make amends for any... concern our plan may cause you..." Chun Li tells her... and she takes out a beautiful striped kimono and amethyst jewellery with matching sparkling high-heeled boots, and holds them out to her. "...And as part of such, I can see you still need something to wear - so please, take this as part of the apology..."

Natalie happily accepts Chun Li's gift. "Why thank you!" she exclaims. "I'll take it!"

Chun Li smiles. "You are most welcome. Now the two of you go, go round the back so you don't get caught!"

Natalie and Vega nod to Chun Li, and they carefully slip out through a back entrance just as Chun Li, Honda and Balrog head out through the front entrance. Thankfully, neither of the young lovers are caught. They then head to a small corner, to change their clothes...

Bison finishes his red wine just as his convoy is now approaching the Black Market, and he smiles as he sees a plethora of AN prison trucks all set on fire and burning away! The other vehicles go ahead of he and all park in the parking lot, then Bison's other allies disembark from those vehicles and all go ahead into the main tent. As Bison's limo passes through and stops right at the entrance, and Bison himself emerges from the vehicle, everyone around he cheers - again, his fellow evil forces genuine in their cheer while all good folks fake it. Bison's chauffeur then drives the limo ahead and straight to its own designated parking space as the warlord waves to everybody.

Bison is about to head straight on to the main tent when he sees Natalie and Vega standing nearby... and he smiles, especially at seeing her. Vega is now wearing a beautiful black Spanish-style waistcoat suit with gold trimmings and sash, and is still wearing his claws and mask; and Natalie is wearing the beautiful outfit and jewellery given to her by Chun Li, and her bamboo claw is still strapped to her hand.

Bison approaches the young lovers, and they salute he. "Ahhh, our favourite young lovers!" he greets them. "How goes everything, I trust your journey was safe?"

"Si, Your Excellency..." Vega replies. "We had no problems at all. However... it turns out one of our members overslept and missed the jailbreak, but luckily he escaped nonetheless and stole an AN speedboat, and made it in time - and upon arrival he destroyed the boat. He has been made aware of the Colonel's death..."

"Hmmm, I see..." Bison mutters, and he then turns to Natalie. "And the lovely Princess Natalie..." he greets her, and Natalie and Vega conceal their displeasure as the warlord kisses Natalie's hand. "...Enchanté, mademoiselle!"

Natalie lightly nods to Bison. "Uhm... a pleasure to meet you, Your Excellency..." she replies.

"Likewise..." Bison smiles, before returning his attentions to both of them and he adds, "...Now you two go on ahead to the main tent. I will be with you shortly!"

Vega and Natalie salute Bison. "As you wish, Your Excellency!" they exclaim, and they head toward the main tent.

"Oh by the way..." Natalie then calls out to Bison, "...I hope you don't mind, but I stole this outfit from one of your acts tonight!"

Bison laughs. "Not a problem, my dear!" he tells her. "They may be here to entertain us, but they are still beneath me!" And he watches as Natalie and Vega go on ahead, while he carefully lifts up his cap and briefly fixes his hair.