Street Fighter Movie Narration: Part 13

Everybody arrives at Bison's fort, and all wait for Bison to emerge from his limo and lead them inside before they all disembark and follow him inside. Bison gestures for Natalie, Vega, Sagat, Ryu and Jenny to follow him at his side, and the five of them agree - again, Sagat, Ryu and Jenny genuine in their acceptance while Vega and Natalie fake theirs as part of their beautiful plan. And yes... despite knowing he cannot have Natalie, Bison at least desires another chance to drool over her and gaze upon her beauty! The troopers holding Balrog, Honda and Chun Li also pace close to Bison.

Even Vega and all other good folks here cannot help but gaze in awe at the beauty of Bison's fort. <"When Guile kicks Bison's ass, and we all escape..."> Vega thinks to himself, <"...I want this... this palace to be rebuilt and restored to its perfect beauty! With, of course, a few... suitable adjustments here and there, si. Why, I wish for a return visit here as part of my honeymoon!" And he smiles at Natalie... and she blushes and gently strokes his hand with her soft fingers, as if to say she knows what Vega is thinking and she agrees with him on it!

Bison leads everybody to the command room, and presses a button on his remote control. The monitor wall displays a virtual map of the fort - yes, even revealing another alternative way in and out of the hostage chamber! Vega, Natalie and their friends all carefully view the map and note down in their minds this important piece of information - and, yes, a route toward it. Natalie, Vega, Sagat, Jenny and Ryu still stand at Bison's side, and the troopers holding Balrog, Honda and Chun Li stand close to Bison... but everyone else scatters around the room, some staying here on the ground floor while others climb up the stairwells and watch via the higher platforms.

"Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!" Bison declares in gleeful madness, as everybody fills the command room.

"The words on Ozymandias's pedestal... in Shelley's sonnet, correct?" Natalie asks Bison.

"Yes, my dear..." Bison smiles, applauding the beauty. "Very good!" And he continues to everybody, "...The technology of east and west: while their governments scorned me, their corporations adored me!"

"Must be some really sick corporations... (!)" Mel quietly whispers, well under his breath - and thankfully he does not get caught.

Bison then turns to face Zangief. "Zangief..." the warlord orders his bodyguard. "See that Mel, Ken and Ryu are given clean clothing! For Ryu is to be Sagat's new champion in place of Vega... and Mel and Ken are the ones who warned us of Chun Li's treachery. They are honoured guests - especially Ken, as he killed Colonel Guile!"

Zangief salutes Bison, and bows to him. Mel, Ken and Ryu all approach Zangief and stand at his side.

Next to receive Bison's attention are Sagat and Jenny. "Sagat, Jenny..." Bison tells them, "...You and Ryu are all welcome to stay here. I think you will find the coming events most, uhhh... educational..."

Bison is about to give more orders, when Zangief raises his hand and interrupts. "Your Excellency..." he asks, and he points at Honda, Balrog and Chun Li. "What about them?"

"Oh, I took care of it on the way back here!" Bison replies, and he approaches the trio and the troopers holding them. "Take these two to the interrogation room..." Bison orders the troopers holding Honda and Balrog. "They will talk, or they will die..." and he turns to Vega, Natalie, Jenny and Sagat and smirks. "...Preferably both!"

The troopers holding Honda and Balrog drag the two of them away. "Preferably neither!" snaps Honda, but one of the troopers smacks him around the back of his head for this comment.

Bison then turns his attentions to Chun Li, and the trooper holding her. A sinister smile appears on his face. "Take the... journalist to my chambers..." Bison orders the trooper. "We have decided to grant her a... private interview..."

The trooper salutes, and he drags Chun Li away. She passes by Ken and Mel, and spits at them. "You'll dehydrate yourself..." Ken comments... and he sneakily passes some of the spit onto a very unimpressed Ryu.

"Ken, Ryu, Mel..." Zangief then addresses them. "Come with me, we'll take care of you..." and he leads them up one of the stairwells.

"This sucks..." Ken sighs as he watches Chun Li, Honda and Balrog being dragged away. "These guys are good guys, like us..."

"Lately I don't feel very good..." Mel groans.

With Chun Li, Honda and Balrog all dragged away, and Ken, Mel and Ryu following Zangief... Bison turns to Natalie, Raven and all other females who have flown out here in Vega's name, and Jenny and all other female members of the Shadaloo Tong. "And as for all of you..." he tells them, "...Come with me..." He also turns to Vega and adds, "You too may accompany us, Vega... keep Natalie company, y'know? But wait outside while they are all being dressed..."

The aforementioned ladies, plus the handsome Vega, all follow Bison out... but as Natalie and Vega exit, they take a brief moment to view the countdown clock. Only a few hours left, now... before the deadline. But they do not worry - other than the hostages' health, they have nothing to worry about! Or do they...?