Street Fighter Movie Narration: Part 17

A helicopter flies above the river, but well out of Bison's radar perimeter. The passengers aboard the 'copter are the undersecretary and his staff, his staff are asleep while he talks on the phone to somebody.

"Yes, yes madam secretary..." he speaks into the phone. "...I gave him the orders, but the man's impossible!" He then pauses as he listens to what... whomever he is talking to on the phone has to say, then replies with... "...No, no, no... no... I stopped him from taking all of the soldiers... the rest of the army is... back at the base..."

At the AN docks, a lone cook is sitting by an open pot, cooking up a hot soup. A beautiful ginger cat walks by, and meows... as if knowing everything will be okay...

On the riverside, the soaking wet but very much alive Guile, Cammy and T Hawk emerge from under the water. Guile is now wearing a blue tank top with matching boots and camouflage pants and his beret; Cammy is dressed similarly and also wearing pigtails; and T Hawk is wearing his tribal clothes complete with an adorable headband. All three of them carry much important equipment with them - most notably, the bag Cammy carries over her shoulder is now heavy with the entire debris of the stealth boat, ready for the AN to rebuild the vessel and then glam it up once everybody arrives in Spain following this delicate mission.

They have no time to dry themselves, however. Just beyond the nearby cluster of trees and bushes, they can see a small but beautiful stone temple... and only a handful of Bison troopers patrolling around it, guarding it. Out of all of the secret entrances into Bison's fortress, this must be the main one - but whether or not so, it's the obvious first choice for Guile, Cammy and T Hawk.

And in the not-too-far distance behind it, a much more beautiful and magnificent Thai palace is also visible! Right away Guile, Cammy and T Hawk realise Bison's base is a palace, not a mere fortress - and this realisation comes as no surprise to the trio, considering Bison's extravagant tastes.

"Follow me..." Guile whispers to his two comrades, and the two of them salute and follow him. They all creep toward the temple...

A trio of Bison troopers standing by the bushes cheer at Bison having destroyed Guile (or so they all think!), and they all share and light a few cigarettes. "He got the gun, he got the Colonel!" one of them exclaims.

But just as they start smoking their cigarettes, they hear a suspicious sound! They swiftly take their rifles in hand and turn around. It's only a few elephants - what's so suspicious about elephants? They cannot help but laugh!

But it's no laughing matter when they turn around - and Guile emerges, and he kicks one of them hard in the stomach and sends him flying toward the elephants! Cammy and T Hawk emerge from hiding, and attack the other two troopers. "Thrust kick!" Cammy exclaims as she wraps her legs around the head of the trooper she targets... then instantly kills him by twisting his neck, before thrusting the corpse to the ground. The remaining trooper has no time to react when T Hawk shoots him in the stomach, killing him too!

Guile, Cammy and T Hawk then resume creeping up to the temple, keeping well out of the few of the patrolling Bison troopers - but still KOing them, as necessary.

"T Hawk..." Guile then asks T Hawk. "What's with the headband?"

"It's Cherokee..." T Hawk replies. "I wear it for good luck in battle..."

"You should have brought three of them..." Guile muses.

"I've brought two more..." T Hawk then replies... and with a kind smile he adds, "...But they're not for you two... guess whom they are gifts for..."

Guile and Cammy smile as they realise whom T Hawk has brought the two extra headbands for. The three of them keep on creeping up the temple steps, still KOing the troopers as necessary.

Finally, as they safely reach the top, to the side of the entrance Guile notices an old well... and as he peers downward, he realises it could be a secret passageway leading into the palace. He could try entering through here? Cammy, realising Guile's idea, takes out a rope and attaches one end of it to Guile's belt, then carefully takes the other end in hand.

Guile then carefully starts to climb down the passageway... but he slips, and falls down! Luckily, a few feet down he manages to steady himself and he stretches his legs foward to stop him from falling any further, but he shivers as a tarantula crawls over him.

"Colonel, are you all right??" Cammy asks.

"I'm fine..." Guile replies, still shivering as the tarantula is still crawling over he... but he feels relieved as it hops off his shoe and onto the wall. "Is the rope secure?"

"Almost..." replies T Hawk, and he fastens the rope around a tree branch and ties a very tight knot. Guile then resumes climbing down the well, and the square patch of light far above him growing smaller and smaller, but then...

"Sir!" Cammy calls to Guile. "We've set electronic and visual markers! ETA landing zone, twelve minutes!"

"Roger, Lieutenant!" Guile replies. "I'll be ready..." and under his breath he adds... "...If I'm alive..."

When at last Guile reaches the bottom of the well, he jumps off of and lets go of the rope. He notices a narrow hole in the wall, and a bare patch of light shines through it. He takes a flashlight out of his bag and switches it on, then he crawls into the hole...

In the command room, the countdown clock is now just seconds away from the deadline. Natalie is now back at her beloved Vega's side, and she and her many companions all know good will triumph over evil... but most (if not all) of them cannot shake off any nerve they may feel. But Vega pulls Natalie close, so close she rests her head against his shoulder... and she feels relaxed.

The monitor wall now shows the latest news report on the crisis. "It is now only moments away from the deadline set by General M Bison for the delivery of the $20 billion ransom he has demanded for the hostages..." the newscaster on the screen reports. "Reports in Shadaloo say it's over on clear, and GNT correspondent Chun Li Zang has been reported missing along with her news crew. We are hoping for a peaceful solution to this crisis, and we appeal to General Bison in the name of humanity. For GNT, this is Sander Vanocur..." and with this, the report finishes and the image on the monitor wall changes to the map of the palace as seen earlier.

And just as the report finishes, and the image on the monitor wall changes... the clock counts down to zero. A moderately loud ring of a bell follows... and a hush falls all around the command room as what this sound can only mean swiftly sinks in...

Bison then turns to face Dee Jay. "Dee Jay," the warlord asks him. "Has the AN deposited the $20 billion in my Swiss bank?"

Dee Jay presses a few buttons, to gain access into one of Bison's many bank accounts... until a window pops up revealing a big fat zero. "Hell no, Your Excellency!" Dee Jay replies.

Bison's only response is to control his floating desk until it floats just above the side of the hostage pit, and he turns to his troopers manning the controls on the ground and orders, "Open the hostage chamber!"

Guile comes to the end of the passage through which he is crawling, and he can see a patch of very dark blue light through the grate above his head. He lifts up the grate - and his suspicions are right. He finds himself in a very dark, seemingly empty laboratory in the palace. The battered corpses of Bison's scientists are littered across the ground.

Guile takes out his flashlight, and searches the area. He is examining one of the tanks... when something leaps out and attacks him! He turns around to face his attacker, who turns out to be Blanka. Blanka then grabs Guile and pins him against a wall... but Guile does not attack, as suddenly something about Blanka seems somewhat familiar...

"Charlie, it's me..." Guile only barely manages to blurt out. "I'm your friend William... William..."

Blanka lets go of Guile, who in turn rubs his hands up and down his arms to relieve himself of the pain from Blanka's tight grip. "Will... Willy... William...?" Blanka barely grunts.

"What have they done to you Charlie?" Guile asks.

Blanka views his arms, then looks at himself in a mirror. Initially he is horrified at his new appearance - "Me... me... they've done to me..." he grunts. "Help me! Help me... help... me..." But he then cannot help but admire himself. This green skin and orange hair is kinda sexy - maybe Rose will like it!

"I'll help you..." Guile hesitantly begins, and he reluctantly takes his gun out, aiming it at Blanka. "...And then... I'll make them pay..."

"That... hurt..." Blanka stutters. He knows his friend cares deeply about him, and only wants to end his pain - if only he could utter the right words to say he likes his new look!

But before Guile can pull the trigger, he feels a human hand gently slap itself upon his shoulder. He turns around... only to face Dhalsim, now -as a result of the mutagens- the bald, thin, rubber-limbed man we know and love. He still wears his lab trousers and has his silver neck ring around his neck, and there are a few bloody but very Indian facepaint-like scars on his forehead. He too cannot help but admire his new look - perhaps he and Blanka can have their appearances a little more glammed-up once they get escape the palace, such as covering his scars with real Indian facepaint!

"No..." Dhalsim tells Guile. "You have no right..."

Everyone in the command room watches as Bison addresses the terrified hostages. The Vega fans are all still inwardly nervous, but they know everything will be okay.

"The world has thought very little of you, my dear guests..." Bison addresses the hostages, his voice booming. "Too little to pay the pittance I asked for, too little to even mount a decent rescue attempt!"

The AN forces are now just feet away from their destination, the riverbank to the side of the small temple. The troopers all take their guns in hand, ready for action...

"Your masters of the AN call me a 'wild beast'..." Bison continues to the terrified hostages. "...So be it! You do not deserve the martial dignity of a firing squad - no! You shall be killed by a wild beast - a beast born of my own genius!" and he turns to Dee Jay and adds, "Raise the incubation chamber!"

"It was Bison's scientists who warped his body..." Dhalsim explains to Guile. "I did what I could to preserve his mind, to keep him human..."

"You call this 'human'...?" Guile asks, still trying to adjust to the shock.

"His mind retains the capacity for good..." Dhalsim continues. "...Yes, and for evil as well. Will you kill him because... he has difficulty understanding the difference?"

Before Guile can answer... the orange siren atop of the incubation chamber switches on and starts to flash. "Stand clear... incubation chamber rising to command room level..." Bison's computer voice then announces.

"The signal!" Dhalsim whispers to Guile. "The real monster's upstairs - he expects to see his creation!"

Guile pauses in thought, as he decides what to do...