Street Fighter Movie Narration: Part 21

The harem girls are all gathered in the harem... and they are laying out on one of their beds a beautiful, very long, cleavage-revealing Greek-style red wedding dress with a matching pair of elbow-length gloves, very long silk scarf and bridal veil much longer than the dress itself; ruby jewellery, tiara, hairsticks and high-heeled glass slippers; and a bouquet of blood-red roses held together in another very long red silk scarf, identical to the one laid out with the dress. The finest oils, soaps and shampoo are laid out near the bathtub, and white, red and sparkling ruby make-up and sparkling ruby nail varnish is all laid out on the vanity desk.

The girls just finish laying everything out, when their fax machine beeps and a fax pops up. The girls thus hurriedly approach the fax machine, and one of them takes out the fax - and all are excited as they read it. It reads: VEGA AND PRINCESS NATALIE APPREHENDED. VEGA CURRENTLY IN COMBAT WITH RYU, AND HIS SUPREME EXCELLENCY GENERAL M BISON HAS TAKEN PRINCESS NATALIE TO HIS QUARTERS SO HE MAY GRANT HER A PRIVATE INTERVIEW. BE READY FOR HIS EXCELLENCY'S COMMAND TO PREPARE HER FOR THE WEDDING.

The girls all cheer at this message, and they hug each other in evil delight for Bison. They all then begin to draw straws, to see who will get to file the fax in their special folder containing all orders to them...

Still with the terrified Natalie in his grasp, Bison materialises in his private quarters. He loosens his hold on she, and she hurriedly runs to the door - but Bison teleports himself again, and he materialises right in front of the doorway and grabs Natalie by her wrists the moment she approaches. With his other hand he presses a button to shut the door, and the door slams tightly shut.

"Unnnhhh..." Natalie groans, as Bison grabs her by her wrists. She struggles in his hold.

"I don't think so, cara mia..." the warlord sneers, a sinister smile spread across his face. "And don't even think about teleporting away..." And he loosens his hold on she and with a light gesture he adds, "Now please... make yourself comfortable..."

Natalie is both surprised and unsurprised at Bison asking -rather than ordering- her to make herself comfortable, but nonetheless she sits herself down upon his couch and spreads out her dress, hair and veils then gently places her hands upon her lap, in a very ladylike manner, as Bison starts to pace toward his blind. She can only relax and comfort herself with the thoughts of knowing Vega will defeat Ryu and no harm will come to his beautiful, perfect, completely unblemished face, and he will rescue her and then defeat Bison.

Bison passes Natalie by, and smiles at her and admires her. He takes his remote control in hand and aims it at his stereo system, and a beautiful and soft tune begins to play. He then resumes pacing toward his blind.

"So..." he begins, "...You're the one who got away, the renegade firstborn child of my dear allies Margaret and Miguel Farrell, may they and their secondborn child, your birth brother Tom, rest in peace 'til I bring them back to life - and Baron Raul Julia was the one who, under instruction from the meddlesome matador Vega Fabio de Cerna, rescued and adopted you at birth and raised you as his own daughter... ohhh my dear girl, I'm sure you knew this day would eventually come... you can't avoid me all your life, I would one day find you and capture you... and, as is the case, perhaps you, in turn... would be the one to... capture my heart..."

"Or lack thereof..." scoffs Natalie.

Bison narrows his eyes at Natalie's words, and his eyes briefly crackle with wild electricity. By now he stands behind his blind, and as with before he removes his shoulder armor and hangs up his cape.

"Yes, I knew this day would come..." Natalie then tells Bison. "But all thanks to Vega... I knew I would meet you of my own free will, rather than a broken slave! I just never thought... my gratitude and resulting devotion would earn me my nomination as his most potential true love - a nomination which has indeed been proven... well, true..."

"Much to my disgust..." Bison comments, as he hangs up his uniform and changes into his robe and slippers as seen before. He emerges from behind the blind and approaches his mini-bar, to prepare the same fine cocktail he sipped before for himself, and pineapple juice for his beautiful hostage.

"Hmmm, at least you know and acknowledge my tastes..." Natalie muses.

"But of course..." Bison replies. "We can't have the most beautiful creature to ever grace my palace fall ill and consume anything of distaste and/or allergy, now can we? Especially not on our wedding day... you need to be awake and in perfect condition..."

Natalie is displeased at Bison's comment. "My refusal aside..." she scoffs, "...I honestly can't believe you wish to marry me when your own palace is severely damaged!"

Bison chuckles at Natalie's words... and his eerie electric aura briefly envelops his body and his eyes crackle. "You don't think I can repair the palace in one fell swoop, cara mia?"

Natalie is not terrified at this, but certainly shocked. "You've got to be joking!" she gasps, and she stands up once more.

"You'll believe it when you see it..." Bison replies, and at this he finishes preparing the drinks. He holds the pineapple juice out to Natalie and adds, "...And correction, cara mia... it's our palace..."

Natalie hesitantly takes the pineapple juice from Bison, and takes one sip. It's not poisoned, she is relieved he didn't add a love potion into her drink - so it's... safe, I guess? Nothing and nobody can convince her to give herself to this evil man, but he does make a very good pineapple juice! She begins to take a few sips more... and she can only hope Vega will rescue her all the more sooner...

The entire Bison troopers and Tong members all watch on as Vega and Ryu battle wildly in the gym. Vega lands many successful blows against Ryu, and at times Ryu unfortunately manages to return the favour but thankfully he does not hit Vega's face. Vega grabs on to a beam holding one of the archways together... and he leaps up and kicks Ryu in the chest, knocking him backwards!

He is about to ready himself to perform a Rolling Crystal Flash... but then he feels a very strong fist sharply punch him in the back, knocking him over and not giving him a chance to counter and stand himself back up! He lands on his back, just a few paces away from his nasty surprise attacker, and he looks up only to find his attacker is Sagat! Sagat grabs Vega and pins him to the wall.

"Sagat you bastard!" Vega shrieks. "I thought you wanted Ryu to fight me alone!"

A sinister smile appears on Sagat's face. "Only as long as it looks like he's winning..." Sagat sneers, and he tosses Vega aside in Ryu's direction. "And you, Vega... you're not a warrior, you're a beginner!"

Vega has enough time to backflip this time, so he can land safely. "It's what I should say about you!!!" he snaps, and Ryu rushes at him from behind - but just in time he slashes Ryu in the back with his claw, drawing an immense amount of blood from the bastard! A lucky hit! Ryu screams in his searing pain.

"Oooh can I join in?" Jenny then asks Sagat. "Can I? Can I? Can I? How dare he attack Ryu like that!"

"Yeah me too!" adds Lex. "I won't let this freak dishonour the mighty General M Bison!"

"If only I brought my camera!" adds Justin.

"Yes Justin, if only you brought your camera!" Sagat laughs. "And the same to anyone else of you who wished to bring your own cameras! But no, Jenny and Lex, you cannot join in - but when Ryu and I defeat him, you can certainly drag him to the command room! Why... had Princess Natalie not slaughtered the Farrells and our connections in Puerto Rico, then I would have Tom drag him!"

"Oh goody!!" Jenny exclaims enthusiastically, and she claps her hands.

Sagat and Ryu then return their attentions to Vega, and both rush at him - but he executes a perfect Rolling Crystal Flash, and knocks them both over in one fell swoop! He stands back up once more, to ready himself for the next move...

Natalie takes the opportunity to take a look around Bison's quarters. If only her dear stepfather Baron Raul Julia was still alive - this palace would make a beautiful new home for him! Once Bison dies, of course. Not to mention... if Raul did rule Shadaloo, then technically she would be a princess of this island as well as of both hers and Vega's fair homeland Spain and of Puerto Rico, where she was raised!

She is about to shift through Bison's books when the warlord puts on more beautiful music, and the lights around his quarters all dim... and she backs up only to bump into Bison himself!

"Oh...!" she gasps, and before she can safely move away Bison takes her hand and kisses it... then takes her in his arms, and forces her to dance with him!

"...You dance beautifully..." he compliments her.

"I'm certain you can imagine just how I practiced..." Natalie calmly replies... but the scorn in her tone is still obvious.

Bison's eyes crackle in reply. "I dread to think of it..." But the crackle ceases once more, his eyes turning back to the regular eerie emptiness, and he gently strokes his fingers against her soft skin as he adds, "...But nonetheless, the end result... is captivating..."

Natalie shivers as Bison strokes his fingers against her skin. She is still undeterred.

"And nonetheless I am a man of my word... did I not promise I would personally donate your dress? And it's a promise I intend to keep... ohhh I just cannot wait to see..."

Natalie pauses in thought, then...

"Yes..." she replies. "Yes you did... and I look forward to wearing it..." But she manages to struggle free from Bison's hold on her, and her aura glows and eyes crackle wildly and she assumes a battle stance as she bravely and fiercely adds, "...But not for you!!!"

And now it's her turn to battle Bison, alone in his quarters - but more powerful than Chun Li. And whatever happens... at least she wouldn't have to worry about being gassed, much as she loves sleep gas and he would wish for her to be awake she can only imagine his intentions if he were to opt to gas her... oh yuck. She takes relief in this, as she strikes each blow against Bison and dodges his attacks on she.

Bison fights back, but only to apprehend her again - not to harm her. However he cannot help but be impressed with her awesome fighting skill. <"Another captivating end result!"> he thinks.

Natalie then attempts to rise into the air, even in this near-confined space - but Bison makes a lucky strike, and grabs her by her arm before her feet can leave the ground. "Ack..." she grunts, gritting her teeth.

Bison is about to taunt her... when the communication console beeps, and so still tightly holding Natalie he approaches the console, and picks up the walkie-talkie and speaks into it.

"General Bison here..." he speaks into the com-link. "...Excellent, excellent! We'll be on our way to the command room, I just need to change back into my uniform and we'll be there! And don't forget - they know not to kill him, only to damage him enough to severely weaken him, and especially to destroy his visage. Bison out!" and he puts the walkie-talkie back... and throws Natalie upside-down against a wall, then -to hold her in place against the wall, certainly not to kill her- carefully and accurately tosses multiple knives at her! The knives land all around her, marking the shape of her sculpted body on the wall... and do not give her even an inch to move. With this done, he then goes behind his blind again to change back into his uniform.

Natalie knows the message Bison has received is a very bad sign... but she cannot help but laugh at how he is apprehending her while he changes back into his uniform. "Gee I wonder who and where you got this idea from!" she laughs.

"Correct, cara mia..." he replies. "I will of course have my -our- troopers remove the knives and repair the dents in the wall later on..."

Natalie is then about to absorb herself in deep thoughts of Vega, and at knowing he will rescue her... but before she knows it, Bison is now back wearing his uniform once again. He grabs her by her arm and has her stand right-side-up again, then with her in his grasp he teleports away...

In the gym, Vega is exhausted and gasping for breath, tightly clutching his ribcage. Thankfully it is not broken, but still he can feel the heavy internal bruising resulting from a heavy elbow blow to it by Ryu. He knows he cannot let this exhaustion and pain overcome him any more than he could ever allow damage to his beautiful face, though - the one face as beautiful as his own depends on him...

And now... Sagat and Ryu are closing in for the kill, or at least... another kind of damage which even Vega himself does forbid. Vega knows he has only one shot at defeating Ryu, maybe even to kill him - and no way in Hell can he blow it. He just needs the exhaustion to go away, to regain his strength... but Sagat and Ryu are both drawing ever closer...

"Impressive, Vega..." Sagat taunts the matador. "...But not good enough... you are weak, and cannot withstand another onslaught... now... prepare for your own worst nightmare..."

Vega remains undeterred, he knows he cannot give up! "Handsome fighters... never lose battles...!" he barely gasps.

"Oh really?" Ryu taunts him. "Well if that's the case... you've been pretty too long! 'Spanish Ninja'? Try vanished ninja!"

"Good one, Ryu!" Sagat laughs, and he and Ryu are just inches away from Vega when...

...All of a sudden, Sagat and Ryu are knocked aside - revealing Guile, Mel, Ken, Cammy, Zangief, the AN troopers, the Vega fans... the entire good folks who have all fought their way here to Bison's palace, to rescue the hostages! They are all here to help Vega!

Vega instantly regains his breath, and stands up once more. "Hey guys!" he exclaims. "Muchas gracias!"

"De nada!" replies Guile. "But you've no time for idle chatter, you must defeat Ryu and rescue your princess - that's an order, Vega Fabio de Cerna!! We'll take care of the rest once you win!"

"Yes SIR!!!" Vega exclaims with a salute, and he and Ryu face each other once more. Vega's every hit is successful, and Ryu delivers one or two lucky hits but thankfully he misses every time he attempts to strike at Vega's beautiful face.

Several Bison troopers and Tong members start toward Guile and co. - but Sagat holds them back. "Wait for now..." he tells them with a sinister smile. "We shall deal with them next..."

The troopers and all Tong members proudly salute and/or bow to Sagat, and all watch as the beautiful Vega fiercely battles the spiteful bastard Ryu...