Street Fighter Movie Narration: Part 23

Bison is about to try and kiss Natalie again... when suddenly one of the doors on a higher floor opens, and in enters a Bison trooper with his rifle on his holster... and tightly holding in one hand Vega's mask and claw, both still in perfect condition. Somehow... Natalie almost knows not to fear this trooper...

"Your Excellency!" the trooper calls out to Bison, speaking in a thick German accent.

Still holding on to Natalie, Bison turns to face the trooper... and smiles at seeing the trooper is holding Vega's mask and claw. "Oh hello!" the warlord replies. "Please come on down!"

The trooper salutes Bison, then climbs down a ladder. He approaches the warlord -and his beautiful hostage- and salutes again. "Ze meddlesome matador Vega Fabio de Cerna is defeated and apprehended!" he tells Bison. "Ve drew lots to see who shall proceed ahead to inform Your Excellency of zis - I drew ze lucky straw. Ze others are on zere vay now, dragging ze hostage vith zem - and just to be safe, I removed ze claw and mask from he vhile he and Ryu Hoshi fought. Lucky swipe, ja? Perhaps you may vish to use zem in any future experiments!"

Bison is very proud to hear this. "Excellent, excellent - and a lucky swipe indeed! Yes I would very much love to use them in future experiments. You are to be commended!"

"Danke!" the trooper replies. "But might I make a suggestion?"

Bison cannot help but express interest. "Go on..." he tells the trooper.

"Might I suggest you leave me to guard your lovely queen-to-be as ve avait zere arrival... vhile you select ze engagement ring? I vill certainly make sure she knows her place and vill not even zink to escape... and ja, Your Excellency may make ze grand entrance vhen you return here!"

Bison lightly slaps himself as something hits him. "Of course!" he laughs. "The engagement ring! I knew I'd forgotten something!" Still addressing the trooper, he cups Natalie's chin in his hand and rubs his fingers against her soft cheeks -indeed causing her to shiver- as he adds, "...I guess I must have been too charmed, too entranced by her... exquisite beauty, to remember..."

The trooper laughs, too. "Ja... you must have..."

Bison then loosens his hold on Natalie - and pushes her to the trooper, who in turn grabs her by her wrist with his free hand. "Very well..." Bison orders the trooper. "You guard her closely - but do not stun or taser her if she tries to escape. You may instead trap her with your nets..."

The trooper salutes Bison, and pulls Natalie in a little closer. "Ja, Your Excellency!" he exclaims.

Bison nods to the trooper... then turns to Natalie. "And until then..." -he tips his cap and holds out his cape, and bows to her- "...Adieu, cara mia..." and he teleports away.

With the command room empty once more... the trooper loosens his hold on the very-pleasantly-surprised Natalie, and backs up a few paces from her. Still holding on to Vega's mask and claw, he then removes his entire uniform... only to reveal himself to be...

"...Vega!" Natalie exclaims, delighted to see the man she loves as beautiful and in perfect condition as ever - right down to his beautiful, perfect, completely unblemished face and his sweet, dashing smile. He tosses the Bison trooper uniform high into the air, and the moment the uniform leaves the very palm of his hand he puts his claw back on and places his mask by its strap over his shoulder - and when the uniform is as high in the air as the fearsome bell here in the command room Natalie shoots a very powerful lightning bolt at the uniform and instantly destroys it, not even a scrap of it is left.

And no sooner does Natalie destroy the Bison trooper uniform... than almost without thinking, she runs up to her beloved Vega... and throws herself into his arms, her head gently nestled against his. He returns her embrace, and gently strokes her. "Oh my darling..." Natalie softly continues, "...You came for me... I knew you would... I..."

"...It's okay, beautiful..." he softly whispers - in his regular voice, of course. "...I'm right here... and by now you should know very well... I can never be defeated, and my face will forever be beautiful and perfect..." And he cups her chin in his hand, his fingers gently brushing against her soft skin, and gazes into her warm, piercing emerald-green eyes as he adds, "...Most especially now..."

"I know all too well..." Natalie softly replies, she too gazing into Vega's own beautiful eyes. "...Handsome fighters never lose battles, you can't compete with the completely lovely..."

Vega chuckles at Natalie using two of his ever-renowned quotes. "You got it spot-on... and the romantic candle-lit dinner he arranged for you and I in our prison cell, and now also he battling Bison's forces and the entire Shadaloo Tong down in the gym -and then going on to rescue the hostages- so I can rescue you... that makes two we owe Colonel Guile..."

Natalie smiles. "And I am very thankful to Colonel Guile for his own kindness..." -she deepens her smile- "...But make it three we owe him, as..."

Vega is very pleasantly surprised at Natalie's words, and he knows he can certainly be proud of her for it and hold her to it. "...I'll take your word for it... but we can discuss it later, once I get you out of here..." -he entwines his fingers in her silken hair, and she blushes- "...For now... oh my beautiful girl... where were we...?"

Natalie lightly chuckles at Vega saying 'where were we...?' - knowing he is proud to say so for the sake of beauty, for her beauty, rather than... oh she dare not even think of it now, for she is over the moon at the beautiful-as-ever Vega rescuing her. "You were falling in love..." she softly replies...

...And almost without thinking... she and Vega find themselves slowly drawing their lips close to one another's... 'til at last their lips meet. The kiss is just... perfect. He takes her in his arms, too, prompting her to return his warm, gentle embrace. They are both too happy as they share their kiss, so head-over-heels in love, to even think about their unfortunate situations just minutes ago - so much, not only does Natalie's foot pop... they also find themselves rising into the air and floating all over the command room as they share their kiss!

In the hostage pit... the hostages start to exchange Kleenexes as they can hear Natalie and Vega sharing their brief romantic moment, including the kiss... and they cannot help but cry tears of joy at something so beautiful. Oh if only the hostage pit were covered by a glass cover... then the hostages could all witness such beauty! They need any form of comfort as they wait to be taken out of here, all alive and in one piece!

Natalie and Vega are still sharing their kiss, and by now floating right over the hostage pit, when...

"...Dirty pool, Vega!" a male voice as familiar as it is evil sneers. "Never again!!"

The young lovers are shocked to hear this very evil voice. They land on the floor and break from their kiss, carefully loosening themselves from their embrace... and they look upwards only to see Bison floating high in the air, as sinister as ever and his fearsome aura all-aglow. He adjusts his cape as he readies himself to address the lovers.

Vega swiftly puts his mask back on, and he can see Natalie is very nervous even with her ardent bravery, so he is about to gently hold her hand to comfort her before they battle Bison - but then Bison teleports himself and reappears right by the same spot where Guile earlier crashed into... and he uses his powers to magnetically pull Natalie toward him! Natalie and Vega are horrified at this, and Vega turns around and tries to free Natalie, and Natalie struggles to break free and fall back into Vega's arms... but all in vain, and so Vega can only watch on in horror and Natalie can only reach out to Vega and hope he and she will emerge victorious as she draws closer and closer to Bison.

When Natalie is at last before him once again, Bison breaks his magnetic hold on she... then turns her to face him and grabs her by her wrists, then pulls her in so close her chest is tightly pressed against his. A sinister smile appears on his face.

"I don't think I can allow that, cara mia..." he sneers, and he raises her hands high above her head and thrusts her in front of the twin pillars to the side of them both... then unravels her veils from around her arms, and uses her veils to tie her to those poles by her wrists! With the remainder of her veils, he further ties her up -much too tightly for her to struggle, too- against those poles from her shoulders to her ankles. "Now be a good little bride-to-be... and just wait right here and bear witness the execution of your precious Vega!" he adds, before he returns his attentions to an enraged, appalled Vega.

"...You'll pay for that, Bison!" Vega snaps at the warlord. "Taking those 63 hostages was one thing, but I'll use you to paint your palace in the deep red you love so much for putting your filthy hands on the girl I love!"

"And if anyone pulled a 'dirty pool'..." Natalie adds to Bison, "...It was you!"

Bison is unfazed. "Tsk..." he responds. "You both seem to forget whom you are dealing with... just be grateful I have use for both of you - one of you alive, the other... quite the opposite!" -he narrows his cold, eerie electric eyes at Vega- "...Vega you are a fool to not only merely defeat Ryu Hoshi but to go so far as to kill him and his beloved Crystal Hoshi, but I take relief in knowing I can momentarily bring them back to life - and no matter... just as I'm certain Sagat et al may have realised... I guess this means I have to deal with you... myself!"

"You will choke on those words!" Natalie snaps. "Even in death, my dear stepfather Baron Raul Julia would certainly disapprove of you!"

"And besides..." Vega adds to Bison, "...A weapon, Bison? What happened to what you said before to Colonel Guile, about 'the purity of unarmed combat'?"

Bison's hands become aglow with his fearsome aura, and again his eyes crackle. "Oh, this?" he asks. "This is merely Superconductor Electromagnetism! Surely you've heard of it: it levitates bullet trains from Tokyo to Osaka..." -he gestures to his floating desk- "...It levitates... my desk, where I ride my saddle of the world..." -his eyes crackle and his aura glows even wilder- "...And it levitates... me..."

Vega assumes a battle stance as Bison rises backwards into the air, back toward the monitor wall... and then launches himself into a torpedo aimed right at the handsome matador, his cape flowing behind him. Before Vega has any time to even merely think to react, Bison smashes into him and knocks him over! Thankfully, though... Vega's beautiful, perfect, completely unblemished face at least remains intact behind his mask, it too in perfect condition.

"Oh my stars!" shrieks Natalie. "Vega! Please get back up, I..."

...But Bison continues his flight, and lands right in front of her. He takes this opportunity to 'admire' her again, and attempt to kiss her...

The fighting in the gym continues wildly, the sounds of the fighting echoing all over and into any nearby halls. Some of the Bison troopers and Tong members fight dirty, too - but the good folks certainly pay back tenfold!

Jenny de Cerna grabs onto a wooden beam and lifts her legs into the air and kicks Mel against a locker, but he gets back up and kicks her in the chest. "I hope this renders you infertile you racist cow!" Mel snaps at Jenny. "Not that it would matter too much anyway, because you will die!"

"Damn you Mel!" Jenny shouts. "You wait until my honey Albert Wesker hears of zis - he'll double-kill you! Yodels loudly for..."

But before Jenny can say another word, Mel launches himself into a Hurricane Kick aimed right at her - and he knocks over not only her, but also Lex!

Raven is indeed extremely grateful to Mel for this. "Thank you Mel!" she exclaims, and Mel responds by giving her a thumbs-up...

...Then he grabs Jenny and rolls with her in his grasp, and upon completing the roll he throws her smack against a wall! Jenny rubs her sore head as she gets back up and faces Mel again, and she and Mel leap at one another...