Street Fighter Movie Narration: Part 25

Natalie watches on in horror as Bison shoots an intense lightning arc out of his hands -not unlike The Emperor's famous attack as seen in Return of the Jedi- at Vega, sending the matador flying backwards and tossing him in the air. Vega lands with a thud, and he rolls aside toward the step and holds on to it for support as he slowly stands himself back up once more.

Bison lowers his fists, and Natalie runs up to Vega to help him up - but Bison shoots a series of lightning bolts one after another in Natalie's direction, to prevent her from approaching her man. However he at least stops shooting them as Natalie backs up against the wall - since she somehow broke free from her restraints, let her get a close-up view as he takes his one last step to ensure she will be his wife!

"You still refuse to accept my godhood?" Bison asks Vega, as the matador stands himself up. "Keep your own God - in fact, this might be a good time to pray to Him!"

Now standing back up, Vega only barely has enough time to back up and run to a good enough spot on the floor so he can hopefully counter whatever attack Bison will next make... as Bison then begins to rise into the air, his arms stretched out in a sinister glee! "For I beheld Satan as he fell from Heaven... LIIIIIIIIIIIIKE LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTNIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGG!" Bison then exclaims, and he briefly turns to face Natalie and with a sinister smile he calmly adds to her, "...Get ready, my beautiful goddess..." and he winks at her and blows her a kiss... before he thrusts his fists forward and launches himself into another torpedo, aimed right at Vega...

...Vega knows he has one shot - and not only does the fate of the world depend on it... but also his true love Princess Natalie... his beautiful goddess. He channels his every emotion -from his love for Natalie, and his desire more than anything for her to be his wife and to marry her in the most beautiful wedding he can imagine; to his curiosity at the apparent third thing Natalie says he and she owe Colonel Guile for, and how he knows it must be something good, something important... not to mention he knows he absolutely must live to see Colonel Guile grant this third favour, and he and Natalie to thus owe him for it; to his hatred of Bison... and the rage he felt when he learned a handful of Bison's allies celebrate their birthdays on January 27, which just happens to be his own birthday- into this blow, no doubt his most powerful blow yet, and can almost feel the intense power flowing right through him...

...Natalie can feel her heart beat rapidly. She knows Vega can do this, somehow he will defeat Bison and so he and she can escape - but she cannot shake off her worry, her fear. Not to mention, she cannot wait for Colonel Guile to grant her and Vega the apparent third favour - and to thus owe the Colonel for it! "You can do it, Vega..." she whispers, as she lightly wipes her cheeks, to signify her refusal of the kiss Bison blew to she...

...And the shot is successful! Bison is just seconds away from impacting with Vega - but the handsome matador leaps into the air and intensely kicks Bison bang in his chest, sending him flying backwards! Natalie runs to Vega's side, and the two of them embrace and watch as Bison crashes into the monitor wall!

The monitor wall then instantly explodes in a blaze of fire, thus Vega and Natalie back up as the blaze grows by the frame and they run out toward the first door they can find. "Bison, you're off the air!" Vega calls out to Bison...

But as soon as Natalie and Vega exit the command room... a self-destruct sequence begins! Uh-oh...

Guile, Cammy, Mel and the others arrive outside the door into the hostage pit. Cammy approaches the console, and as she begins to press a few buttons she tells everybody, "This will only take a minute..."

...But then Jiggles steps forward and tells Cammy "Excuse me, babe...", thus Cammy moves aside - and she is impressed as her dear Jiggles smashes the console, and the door opens all by itself!

"Maybe less!" Cammy comments, and she tightly squeezehugs Jiggles and kisses him. Jiggles blushes madly.

As the door opens, the hostages begin to scramble out. Cammy directs the hostages up the nearby stairs. "A rescue team will get you to safety..." she tells them. "Head up the stairs - please hurry..."

When all hostages are out, Guile gestures to everybody here with him. "Come on, guys!" he orders them. "Hurry!!"

And so, Guile leads everybody -the hostages included- through the halls of the palace, they all desperately seeking the way out. Not one of them goes off in another direction, they all stay close together...

Finally they find the way out they've been looking for, specifically a small doorway leading out of the palace. "Keep moving out towards the daylight!" Cammy tells everybody, and she and Chun Li stand aside to let the hostages go ahead.

"Don't panic, pigtails..." Chun Li muses.

"Look who's talking!" Cammy replies... and thus Chun Li rolls her eyes as she realises Cammy is gesturing to her ox horns hairstyle.

But just as everybody draws close to the way out... they all panic as Bison's computer voice suddenly speaks "Sealing all doors... now..." and a shutter begins to drop down right in front of them...

...But then suddenly the shutter rises, they can see a pair of hands lifting up the shutter... and everybody is surprised as there stands Justin, alive and well! He is no longer wearing the tie, and he has ripped the Bison insignia off of his jacket. "Hurry!" he exclaims, holding tightly onto the shutter. "This way!!"

Guile, Cammy and everyone is very pleasantly surprised to see Justin - but they have no time to stop and ask questions, and so they all keep on running through. But they do know... as he is alive and he is helping them to escape, he can indeed be trusted.

Zangief and Honda help Justin to hold up the shutter. "I'm sorry about everything I ever did..." he tells them. "Bison himself captured and brainwashed me immediately before those jerks in Puerto Rico personally triggered the stroke which killed Baron Raul Julia... I tried to fight and resist, but... oh God I'm so sorry..."

"I forgive you man..." Honda replies. "And thanks for helping us - this is the first step of your redemption, yes?"

"Of course!" smiles Justin. "I want to do everything I can to make it up to..." ...But then he suddenly shivers as he realises something. "Oh God..." he gasps. "I hope they're all right..."

"You mean Vega and Princess Natalie?" Honda asks. "They'll be fine, I'm certain!"

"I don't doubt it for one minute, Comrade!" Zangief adds. "So don't panic! Just hold up the shutter and wait for everybody to get out!!"

"Right!" exclaim Honda and Justin, and so they watch as their allies and the hostages all run through.

Once everybody else is out, Zangief, Honda and Justin let go of the shutter and they follow everybody else out. Not one of them stops to catch their breath or to relieve themselves of any exhaustion - yes, no more than Vega did when he hurried to rescue Natalie...

They all escape right in time as Bison's computer voice counts down the final ten seconds... and the palace explodes in an intense mushroom cloud! They all gather in one safe area, by one damaged structure... but then a harsh realisation dawns on all of them...

"Oh my God, where are..." Kilala asks...

But then Guile's pager beeps, and so he takes it out of his pocket and presses a few buttons to read his message - only to smile in delight and place one hand over his heart as he reads it. "Oh my goodness..." he softly comments. "I... I'm honoured..."

"What is it, Colonel?" Cammy asks - but no sooner do these words pass her lips, than the entire dust from the mushroom cloud settles... only to reveal Vega carrying Natalie in his arms! Everybody cheers and yodels wildly to see them.

"They made it!!" Blanka exclaims.

"But of course!" Vega replies. "As I always say, 'beauty is strength'!"

"How very true!" Rainbow Princess smiles.

Another sudden realisation -but thankfully not an ugly one- dawns on the AN forces. "I'm certain you'll order us all to take a vacation, specifically to Spain..." Cammy tells Guile. "...Not to mention issue such favours as granting Mel and Ken the promised first-class tickets for the journey there... but... I must ask: will the AN officials even allow you to issue an order?"

"Oh they will!" Natalie smiles. "I've made absolute certain they'll retract the order to relieve him of his command!"

The AN forces' faces all light up at Natalie's words. "Really?" T Hawk exclaims. "You did that for us?"

"Believe it, T Hawk!" Guile replies. "How could the officials say no... when, in return for the retraction, I am under high-priority orders... to, on Monday January 8 2001... officiate at the royal wedding of Vega and Princess Natalie?"

Everybody all around is absolutely delighted and very pleasantly surprised at this beautiful revelation, they are as delighted for Guile as they are for Vega and Natalie. Exclamations such as "Oh my stars!" "No way!" and "Oh how perfect!" echo all around.

"That's the third thing we owe him for?" Vega asks Natalie.

"Indeed it is!" Natalie smiles. "I thought about it as we turned in for the night, in our prison cell... I felt it'd make our wedding extra special... if we could get Colonel Guile to officiate..."

"And I am most honoured to do so!" Guile tells Natalie and Vega with a salute. "I was going to offer to do so myself - but I guess I've been beaten to it, hmmm? I, Colonel William F Guile, am ready and waiting to undertake this most delicate mission to personally ensure you both join forces!"

"And we both thank you most graciously SIR!!" Natalie and Vega reply with a salute, and everybody all around yodels and cheers for them.

Guile then approaches Ken and Mel. "You have both earned your passports..." he tells them, and he shows them the message on his pager -obviously the very delicate orders from the AN officials- and to Ken he adds, "...And you, Ken Masters, have also earned a red stretch limo..."

Everybody, especially Vega and Natalie, cheers and yodels wildly as they realise Ken has too been given a key role in the wedding - specifically, to retrieve Natalie and escort her in his limo to the wedding. Vega smiles at Natalie, to signify his approval of her choice.

"That is awesome, it's majorly sweet!" Mel exclaims, as he views an image of the limo chosen specially for Ken.

Guile then approaches Zangief, who despite now knowing which sides are good and evil still gives a Bison salute. Guile grabs Zangief's hand... and turns it upwards so Zangief is now giving a thumbs-up instead of a Bison salute! Zangief smiles at this. "Vat is much nicer!" he laughs.

Guile is then about to say something to Blanka, Dhalsim, Jiggles and Wizzard, when Chun Li approaches him. "Colonel Guile?" she asks. "How about that interview, for my network?"

Guile paces around Chun Li, admiring her. "Sure..." he replies. "But only if you... wear that dress!"

Chun Li giggles slightly, even more so as Lemmy leaps up into her arms and kisses her! "I second that order, Colonel!" Lemmy tells Guile.

Suddenly there is another series of blasts, the palace explodes again. Everybody turns around to watch, and they all cheer and yodel wildly... then Vega, Natalie, their fans, Cammy, Jiggles, Chun Li, Lemmy, Sawada, T Hawk, Honda, Ken, Mel, Balrog, Zangief and Guile all strike poses for any hostages who may insist on a groupshot! Surprise, surprise... cameras instantly flash all around.

But upon the final explosion... Natalie suddenly shivers, and so Vega embraces her, thinking something may be wrong. "It's nothing..." Natalie tells Vega. "Probably just trying to shake off the goosebumps of the past three days!" And at this, everybody laughs.

Vega scoops Natalie up in his arms, and everybody excitedly scrambles for the many AN boats. One by one, the boats speed away from the palace...

...And as the boats turn the corner... a ghostly figure appears on the shore. It is the ghost of a handsome man with a striking facial resemblance to Bison and too possessing the same powers, but all for the sake of good just like Natalie. He wears a smart black suit with thin white stripes, and a pair of polished black shoes. He smiles as he sees Natalie and Vega on one of the boats, and his own aura glows and his eyes crackle wildly as if in praise for the young lovers. "Take good care of her, Vega..." the man softly mutters... his own voice, too, being exactly the same as Bison's. "Take good care of my precious daughter..." before he disappears...

But little does anyone realise... Natalie's sudden chill was actually a sign - a terrifying sign of things to come, to say the worst is yet to come...

At the exact same time when the boats are too far off now from the palace... deep within the palace itself, Bison's computer suddenly starts to charge up - even if a little... drained, at first. "Solar batteries recharging..." the voice says in a deep tone... then in a lighter tone, "...Solar batteries recharging..." -slightly lighter, sounding almost perfect- "...One solar battery online..." -perfect, restored- "...One solar battery online! Attempting to activate system... system activated..."

And as soon as the words 'system activated' are spoken... Bison's hand punches a hole in one of the screens of the destroyed monitor wall, from beneath! "Good morning, General Bison!" the computer voice speaks. "What is your menu choice for today?" ...And a window with the words 'WORLD DOMINATION' written therein opens right up, and the cursor moves toward then clicks on the 'replay' icon underneath those fearsome words...

And no sooner is this selection made... than Bison's entire palace is engulfed in an intense burst of Bison's fearsome power. The power disappears only to reveal the palace restored back to normal... and not only those who died just minutes ago -even Ryu Hoshi and his sweetheart Crystal Hoshi!- are brought back to life and restored to a sinisterly perfect health... but also other evil souls important to Bison, from Natalie's birth parents Miguel and Margaret Farrell and her birth brother Tom and of course the cruel sect of Bison supporters who personally assassinated Baron Raul Julia; right down to IBuriedULongAgo, and Charizard. All of them wake up in the gym, and Sagat leads them through the palace...

And standing alone in the command room, waiting for his forces to gather there... is General M Bison himself, alive and well... and the aura of his evil power sinisterly aglow and his eyes crackling wildly. He takes his remote in hand, to control his floating desk and direct it to he, and when the desk approaches him he boards it and then controls it to raise it into the air once more.

As soon as Bison directs the desk to the desired height... the doors all open, and everybody enters the command room and gathers around, some still leaving more than enough space in case Bison wishes to return to ground level as he addresses them. Among them... a handsome short-blonde-haired gentleman dressed in black and wearing black shades carries the overly-delighted Jenny de Cerna in his arms, and they almost can't stop kissing each other! This gentleman must be her fiancé Albert Wesker.

As soon as everybody is in, they all shut the doors behind themselves and they cheer and salute Bison. This cheer carries on for a few minutes, until Bison raises his hand.

"Welcome back, everybody - those of you who graced the palace these past three days, and those of you who have been dead for a number of years!" he greets them. "Most especially to the Farrells - I'm sure you too have been made aware, but..." -He presses a button on his desk... and thus the monitor wall displays a full image of the beautiful Natalie, wearing her red Greek dress and ruby jewellery- "...I assume I have your permission, and your blessing?"

"You certainly do, Your Excellency!" Miguel replies. "Take her, she's yours!"

Bison is ecstatic at Miguel's reply. "I cannot thank you enough!" he exclaims, and to everybody he continues, "...Anyhow... for those of you who have been dead for a number of years, yes I am now aware... the true threat is not Colonel William F Guile, but instead..." -And he presses another button... and an image of Vega appears on the monitor wall, right next to the image of Natalie- "...Vega Fabio de Cerna!"

"Yeah, real yuck!" exclaims Slasher. "He and his entire fans always spoil our fun! And I swear I tried to stop him when he rescued Cammy - hell I even attempted to catch him and squeeze him in-between my..."

"...I know, Slasher..." Bison comments reassuringly, and he presses another button to remove the image of Vega from the screen and for the image of Natalie to entirely fill it once more. Again to everybody he continues, "...And of course, there is the matter of... my first step toward world domination. I have decided, the wedding will take place on December 6 - what better time to begin my rightful rule than... well, to ruin what our enemies have affectionately dubbed 'Deadeye Month' right from the start, hmmm? Yes I did indeed consider December 27 - but I'd spend all day giving her the one 'birthday present' I have in mind for she..."

Everybody laughs like wild hyenas at Bison's dirty comment. "Oh that's a good one, Your Excellency!" Sagat exclaims.

"Why thank you, Sagat!" Bison replies. "None of you is to leave the palace in this meantime - yes, we must keep our cover tight and also at least allow the beautiful Princess Natalie to enjoy her last few months before I finally make her mine, not to mention it'll give me a chance to 'admire' her when I see any news reports and the like on she and Vega! But in any case you'll be too busy preparing the palace, and of course yourselves, for not only this wedding but also Jenny de Cerna's and Albert Wesker's wedding later this month -and anyone else who wishes to marry in the next few months- to even think to leave! I need to find out Princess Natalie's own plans for December 6, so I can plan my capture of she - and once I know this, I will issue full plans. So you are all instructed to stay alert!"

"Oh you bet we will, Your Excellency!" Lex enthusiastically replies. "We cannot wait to see the ****** Vega fall weak and collapse from a broken heart when you make his precious girl your own!"

"I'll bet you can't, Lex!" Bison laughs. To everybody he then adds, "Now go! Prepare this palace in a manner fit for myself, and my beautiful goddess!"

"YES SIR, YOUR EXCELLENCY!" everybody exclaims with a salute, and they all scramble to leave the command room.

Once everybody else is gone, Bison turns to face the image of Natalie... and smiles evilly as he admires her. "I'll execute the meddlesome matador Vega..." he sneers, "...And then the beautiful Princess Natalie shall be mine!" And he bursts into one hell of an evil laugh...

...The end?