And I'm sure my adoring fans would want me to revive an article about both the Mute Incident and the Mute For Coal Incident, as well as to detail the effects thereof including the revenge I have prepared - so here it is, my darlings!


The Mute Incident

No sooner had I declared my love for the live action Street Fighter movie... than I was faced with a terrible heartache. On August 23 2004, mom and gran had the nerve to lash at sensitive old wounds I had hoped and prayed to leave behind, when I added my lethal education to my 'ignore' list - what's worse is, they had the nerve to lash at my old wounds on a day when the live action Street Fighter movie was on! I confronted them about this, I gave them a serious grilling, hoping that would be the end of the matter and they would not do that again.

But that wasn't even half of it - for no reason other than to phone his then-girlfriend (who has since married another man and become a mom herself), my younger brother purposely muted the sound during another airing the following night! I was absolutely crushed, so much I cried myself to sleep that night!

And as if that's not enough, shortly thereafter mom announced she was going to throw a birthday party for my gran and grandpa Ken (yes, that really is my grandpa's name!) in early Nightwalker Month that year, and attendance was mandatory for all on my dad's side - and I pleaded with gran to let me off the hook, but she was all like "Yes I think you should come..." Mom didn't give a fuck about my grief, she kept telling me to smile, complete with dad (who, if you ask me, was clearly very drunk, especially with that god-awful tie he was wearing to the party) giving me a double dose of the 'smile' sign language. It all became too much for me, when I reluctantly wished gran a happy birthday - only for her to respond by asking me for a birthday kiss! It's like I actually lived the 'Granny' scene from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, for god's sake! Thank god dad eventually agreed to take me home - and it sure didn't take a genius to figure out, I was still grieving for my ruined airings, and therefore well within my right to refuse dad's instruction to say "Thank you for having me" (which, indeed, I did not say as no I was not thankful at all)!

I did confront mom about the party, only for her to say I was expected to attend - says one-third of those who failed my expectations, to behave when Jean-Claude Van Damme was soon to once again defeat the late, great Raul Julia (!). However, I have since been let off the hook from birthday parties if I so desire.

So I felt the need for a safe new airing, to soothe my broken heart - no mere DVD or video could repair this, any more than Setsuna would tell you X common healing (such as a band-aid) would heal Y medical concern which requires major surgery. With the assistance of my friend Pennie, I wrote to not only FOX (then called FX 289), the channel responsible for the ruined airings, as well as my previous six that year; but also to channel Five, who were responsible for the three airings during my especially-lethal final three years in education, as well as the first step toward just why airings mean so much to us as they do today. I had come to realise, Five then graced me with an annual single airing - as such we were yet to have so for 2004, so lest proven otherwise I had a feeling they would answer my prayers.

Both channels responded kindly, despite a lack of any planned airings - and FX 289 not only promised to notify me of their next airings (as was the case in 2005, with two airings on... Chun Li's birthday, actually), they also sent me a free t-shirt of their then-newest show Carnivale as consolation! How kind of them!

My brother's half of the upset, which is how I came to affectionately dub what happened as the 'Mute Incident', also caused me to recall about the dreaded 'mute' (AKA silence, fog and so on) status ailment in some games, an ailment which has always pissed me off due to my preferred attack methods - so I researched into anti-mute gear in games, in revenge for my heartache. The one item which caught my eye the most was the White Cape, an anti-mute accessory of Final Fantasy fame - I liked it so much, I even chose white as my favourite colour!

And what of the new airing? Well, we got more than what we bargained for - indeed only serving to increase my love for the live action Street Fighter movie, 2004 was also to be my first experience of the movie happening in a Deadeye Month!

My family is not religious, but we do love Christmas, even more so due to my own birthday December 27 (hence December being Deadeye Month, aye) - but, to put it politely, I have long been the only one in my family to truly adhere to the 'goodwill to all men' value, even if it means I have no choice but to ruin Christmas... yes, especially should that lack of goodwill pose a threat to the things I love. Indeed, I am thankful for when goodwill is shown - but to think that goodwill would include the movie I had come to love, well wow! I would experience this for a second time three years later, in 2007 - by which time, I had already made the big leap in wearing a beautiful dress for the main event.


The Mute For Coal Incident

But despite avenging the Mute Incident, and the security being imposed even here at the Realm... little did any of us realise, the nightmare was far from over. At 27 (in 2012), I once again required tooth surgery - and mom thought I would be safe at my local hospital; not to mention, we had to be especially careful with the frequent number of airings that year, including one on a key date in my Bucky O'Hare history. A pre-op assessment was penned in for (of all days) Christmas Eve, and the surgery itself for January 4 the following year.

With the pre-op, however, the stakes for my safety could not be higher - just as we'd suspected, the frequent airings were a sign to say 2012 would be my third experience of airings in a Deadeye Month! One airing was penned in for Christmas Eve, the other for New Year's Eve. We were all so happy.

But our worst fears were realised at the pre-op, when an old enemy reared its ugly head: Carie repeated mom and gran's half of the Mute Incident! I was absolutely crushed - even more so when mom didn't give a flying fuck about anything other than it being Christmas, even telling me I should forgive Carie because it was Christmas! How sick is that - heck, on that same ill-fated Christmas Eve, some drunkards beat up a church organist... and the victim died from his wounds on my 28th birthday!

I only barely watched the airing, consumed with grief over history repeating itself; and while surfing the net, I turned off mom's gas fire and put the heating on to keep warm - but when I returned downstairs to play a few games, mom grumbled about me waking her up with the heat, telling me to 'go to sleep ready for Christmas'. She then went into the kitchen to make herself a drink... and upon exiting, she put on a cheery smile and added "...And merry Christmas..." before returning to bed, confirming to me she didn't give a fuck about my grief.

Christmas Day was just as bad - it was, to be blunt, 'gran and grandpa Ken's birthday party The Musical', still nobody having the goodwill to comfort me. It all became too much for me to bear, when I was forced to join in with the family raising our glasses and exchanging greetings of "Merry Christmas" as we sat down for Christmas dinner. The lack of goodwill continued to flow even into Boxing Day - my dad repeatedly slammed the phone down on me when I tried to phone him and explain the situation, indeed reducing me to even more tears!

I knew I had no choice, but to tighten/upgrade the security for airing celebration, such as to take my prized signed photo of Jay Tavare as Vega with me to such risky appointments as my surgery - and only a safe new airing in any future Deadeye Month, could repair this damage. Until then... I can never again raise my glass, let alone appear in a family photograph (the reasons for this would come later)!

But I am thankful to all of you for your kind words and support, and your praise of my hate song about Carie; and to my real life friends who comforted me as well. In a kind act echoing of FX 289's kindness, Roy even sold me a Legendary Stealth Elf (from Skylanders) figurine - and despite my family not playing Skylanders, I am now a Stealth Elf fan in thanks for Roy's kindness.

I also contacted Pennie, who was shocked and saddened to hear what happened - even saying herself, Christmas can be a very sad time for some. She gladly helped me to issue a complaint to my local hospital!

One of Roy's then-staff suggested playing Pokemon Diamond, as apparently Nurse Joy is evil in that, so I decided to try a few other Pokemon games as well - but it was only a brief attempt at Pokemon White 1 and 2 which caused me to realise, there stands but one choice were I to involve a colour in my revenge! So I would attend all risky appointments dressed in at least one item of white clothing - including Street Fighter attire, where applicable; and even before certain hate posts on the board, already steps were being taken to further mandate the white cape!

The surgery fared just as bad as the pre-op - despite mom ensuring my safety, and one nurse saying the complaint had been issued to Carie, the staff were still somewhat insensitive. The anaesthetist initially suggested fitting the IV tube first while I was still awake and then gassing me, which obviously did not go down well; and when you're so visibly shaken, the last thing you need is for some thoughtless, stupid little cow to be so insensitive as to put on a cheery tone and point out you've just had a birthday (i.e. in response to confirming your date of birth)! Thank god when mom put me in the car, and got me the fuck out of that damn hospital!

Indeed, as stated, only when airings happen in Deadeye Month -airings which we would come to affectionately dub as visits from Santa Claude, for obvious reasons- can we avenge the Mute For Coal Incident. But a couple of weeks after the surgery, we learned I was to have a new airing celebration - and guess what I wore for two of those airings!

Mom still, however, refused to care about how I cannot forgive Carie, not even when I dropped the bombshell of the 'exceptional circumstances' of the heartache - that was, of course, until we had to begin proceedings for my surprise new tooth surgery at that lovely dentistry in Liverpool, the surgery itself taking place on Halloween 2013 no less. Even the Liverpool staff were quite shocked and saddened, to hear I'd been upset at Christmas; and the point of me having this new surgery on Halloween sure did not go unnoticed LOL

This still did not halt my family's then-insensitive attitude about Christmas, however - but their eventual change of heart is a story for another time...