As we all know, I love the live action Street Fighter movie very dearly. Bearing my revenge methods in mind... perhaps my falling for this movie is itself a revenge, because, sad but true, one of my past upsets began on the same day as Raul Julia's funeral. So doesn't it seem more than a coincidence, how Raul's last movie should slowly beckon me to itself, and eventually capture my heart?

As a Vega fan, naturally I adore Jay Tavare. I even found his official site, in fact a few months after I experienced the first step toward just why airings mean so much to us as they do today - and he would swiftly recognise I adore the movie, even more so when I would soon come to declare my love for it. Oh yes, and not only I... but also my mom added Jay to our Friend lists on Facebook!

Anyway, as we all know we have a very genuine reason to hate Balrog, we have hated him for that reason since early Jay Tavare Month 2012 - and I swear to god I only wished for him to be killed off, hell I even made both Grand L Bush and Michael Clarke Duncan as villains in my fan fiction (just like Byron 'Evil Ryu' Mann and Kristin Kreuk, yes!), obviously primarily working alongside Balrog; but for those who gripe about the 'backfire' on September 3 2012, and the subsequent and indeed very ironic closed casket funeral thereof, now you know how people feel about the "Street Fighter is so bad it killed Raul Julia" slur. We now bash Balrog left, right and center - for which not even his Lord of the Rings namesake is safe! Part of the credit for that should go to my mom - in the past, she and the other half (i.e. the one who did not get arrested) of that wicked gay couple would point out the Balrog demon from Lord of the Rings.

What we did not expect, however... was for a very special contribution to the Balrog bashing! On Jay Tavare's own birthday March 23, I became the proud owner of a beautiful signed photo of Jay as Vega, just like those he was signing at a Christmas event he attended in Deadeye Month 2011! Even my dear friends here were all very thankful to Jay, for bestowing such a precious gift upon I - we all had a much more important reason now, to hope for another airing celebration!

We got our wish in Dennis Hopper Memorial Month that year, with what was my second celebration for which I could carry out my traditions regarding The Final Countdown. During the celebrations, mom dropped by to check on the family's then-newest arrival, my kitty Mel - she could see he was growing by now.

Because of the Mute For Coal Incident, I now take the photo for good luck and protection at things like surgery. The photo was the only thing I then had, which would certainly fall under the 'Street Fighter merchandise gifted to me and/or signed for me by the movie cast themselves' category - but it's certainly gained a lot of attention. See - I told you I have a good means of attention-grabbing LOL


As previously stated, my surprise new tooth surgery at Liverpool did not halt my family's then-insensitive attitude about Christmas. We would soon increase our worry for grandpa Ken by mid-Nightwalker Month 2014, and we now have reason to believe he could very well be dying (so I must ask you to hold off on the Ken-bashing for a while, except in certain 'extreme circumstances') - but dad would subsequently use grandpa Ken as an excuse, to coerce even my brother (who, I don't think, has ever been a fan of Christmas?) into joining us for Christmas, being all selfish with, in his (dad's) own gruff words, "I want my family together for a nice, happy Christmas"; to which mom added with her claim of how my grandparents 'expect one day of the year when the family gets together to do something they don't want', a claim which is not true as gran has since denied it. I was quite disgusted at my dad's attitude - I love Christmas, but coercion into it is not 'goodwill to all men', a value which does NOT make the annual December 25 family get-together mandatory!

But I, too, was in danger - mom made suggestions which risked further repeats of the Mute Incident, and this only kicked off a wave of anti-me hurt, including my brother deliberately pressing the mute button again. Cue the necessary revenge, indeed; and I felt it goodwill of I to simply lay low, and hope mom would find it in her heart to ask why I was so quiet, and so to fix it as she usually does.

No such luck - still, the focus was on Christmas, dad even asking me to raise a glass with him... thereby forcing me to give him a harsh reminder I am still banned; and I couldn't stomach the family photographs being taken, so to be polite I felt it best to hide under the table as the camera clicked and flashed. Cue the necessary gathering of Street Fighter merchandise, due to the risks of mom's insensitivity!

But did the family bother to show the goodwill? No they did not! Sadly, on the day after my big three-oh... mom reverted back to her old, anti-me ways, even making a disgusting 2015 New Year's resolution to threaten to repeat the Mute Incident! So I prepared my usual revenge, carrying it out at an airing celebration in fact just as Mod Soul joined us; and I eventually forced mom to apologise for her insensitivity. Two of our friends made a very dangerous risk, as well - but they're also very apologetic.

I also knew, I had to put my foot down about my family's celebration of Christmas. I understand completely, their still not fulfilling their wish of spending Christmas abroad is due to the worries about grandpa Ken - but I was disgusted, at their refusal to make a genuine effort for Christmas to be a happy time, at their refusal to show the oft-emphasised goodwill. I started my campaign off slowly, talking with gran who agreed to raise my concerns with mom.

But as if my campaign alone wasn't enough, we would soon gain a much more precious reason for it! Jay messaged me, expressing a wish to give me two rare Vega dolls - and oh how I blushed at him addressing me as 'darling' (which Setsuna suggested, could mean Jay is secretly in love with me)! He even showed me photos of the dolls in question, revealing -just as my sixth sense guessed- he had signed them as well: the ReSaurus Vega, and the Vega VS Ryu figurine set from the movie line-up. He experienced difficulty in mailing them (something about Customs?) - but we know not yet where or when, but mom and I are making preparations to meet Jay in person for him to give them to me, even if it means we are to meet him at Christmas! Mom insists on me wearing my airing regalia for meeting Jay, for obvious reasons.

Naturally, it only felt right to hope for another airing celebration, to officially kick-start a proper thank-you to this kind man - and so I began gathering the necessary equipment, right down to the surprise addition of the Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie; and even a new kitten, namely little Sapphire. She really is the most beautiful cat I have ever had!

I was, however, shocked to discover one of my haters has actually joined a female-dominant group who are spreading very false rumours about Jay - so in a swift act of revenge, well, the very source of why we now have one member by the name of Cherokee was established. I swear to god, no I'm not 'Cherokee' - were I to name myself after a Europe tune, naturally it'd be Last Look At Eden.

The thank-you officially kick-started in White Cape Month 2015, with an airing penned in for, most ironically... the 11th anniversary of the original Mute Incident! Hmmm... perhaps an airing on that date could, too, be in revenge for the Mute Incident?

My campaign proved successful in early Pray To Him Month 2015, a couple of weeks before a second screening of the Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie caused the Animated Movie to become the counter-hex it is. Mom had clearly proven, she had a change of heart about Christmas, and did not want the grandparents to feel they have to come just because it's Christmas - she even made it clear to dad about that, and he too implied his selfish attitude from before was gone; but I'm pretty sure my own concerns also influenced mom's decision, as did maybe Street Fighter and indeed Jay. Christmas did itself turn out beautifully, as you know, despite how we are still yet to avenge the Mute For Coal Incident; and the parents have since also become somewhat wary of going too far abroad, in fear of any worries for grandpa Ken, and won't even carry out their wish to spend Christmas abroad until we sadly lose him.

So you might say, to some extent Jay saved Christmas - and that's something we should all definitely thank him for!