Street Fighter Movie Narration: Part 4

Vega is relaxing in his quarters when Raven and Sara suddenly rush in very excitedly...

"You're not going to believe this, Vega!" Raven exclaims.

"What is it?" Vega asks, as he sits himself up.

"As soon as we alerted all fans attending tonight's cage fight," Sara begins, "...They in turn alerted all Vega fans around the world, and all AN forces from those fans' respective countries - so the AN can not only personally bring your fans here to protect you and assist you in betraying Bison and Sagat, but also so those AN forces can assist Colonel Guile in any way they can. All those fans are, too, horrified and disgusted at Sagat's ugly plan - so yes they were more than happy to journey out here and do their part, and yes their delight only grew when the AN arrived to retrieve each and every one of them. In short... we shall have a more-than-full house tonight, for the fight with Ryu - every Vega fan around the world will be here!"

Vega's eyes light up. "Every fan of mine? Even Princess N..."

"...Every Vega fan around the world..." smiles Raven. "They will arrive after your first fight, your fight with IBuriedULongAgo..."

Vega is absolutely delighted at this news. "As soon as this war ends, I want my entire fans brought to Spain to live at the Castle de Maria Isabelle! Arrangements must also be made for their entire belongings to be transported there too! And if one of the beautiful ladies wins my heart, then naturally she will move in with me to my own mansion in Salou!"

"It will be done..." Sara replies, and she and Raven exit, leaving Vega alone to absorb himself in his joy. He yodels loudly as soon as the two of them exit, and they in turn smile in their delight at such a beautiful sound.

And indeed... at the AN headquarters, Guile, Cammy and T Hawk stand at the riverside docks as many AN forces from around the world arrive in their boats... and escorting with them every Vega fan around the world. The entire Vega fans are very joyous and excited, as if forgetting their shock at... the negativity of why they have been brought here, and their attentions focused solely on the positivity. The fans are all gathered on the boat decks and they excitedly wave at Guile, Cammy and T Hawk.

The boats all line up in a row along the docks, and the AN forces disembark first and all stand to attention and salute... then the Vega fans all disembark, and they all line up and they salute Guile.

"There's no need to salute," Guile chuckles. "In fact it is I who should bow before all of you... and most especially..."

"Fair point!" Tigggra exclaims. "In fact she herself Emailed me and said she would speak with Vega about arranging to have the damn tooth taken out - yes, under gas sedation!"

"How very thoughtful of her!" Cammy smiles. "Once again I'm very sorry to hear about your dentist trouble..."

T Hawk then turns his attentions to a handsome lad wearing a red t-shirt with an image of Ken on it, and matching trousers and shoes. "And your assistance would too be much appreciated, Mel..." he tells the lad - Mel.

"I am glad to hear..." replies Mel. "Junkyard Dog and myself have always been fans of Ken Masters, but we have long appreciated Vega ever since we fell in with a certain number of these adorable Vega fans - and they, most especially you-know-who, showed us and convinced us just how valuable Vega is. I will do everything I can to convince Ken of Ryu's evil - and just as you-know-who suggested, if Ken can be successfully convinced I'm sure Vega would, in turn, grant him his wish of being rich and famous!"

The fans all applaud Mel, then return their attentions to Guile as he then steps forward. "Anyway..." he tells them, "...Your entire prison uniforms have been laid out, you will be fitted once you are brought back here after I arrest you and everybody else at the Tong Warehouse. I will relay further instructions to Vega, he in turn will pass those instructions on to you at the prison. And if any of you are skilled in any form of martial arts, then your skills will be invaluable in this mission..."

"Yes, Colonel Guile..." the Vega fans all reply, and they are about to start off a Chinese whisper chain when...

"...Oh my God she's here!!" T Hawk exclaims, as he can see one last boat in the distance along the river. Everybody turns to face the docks and all cheer wildly, their cheer growing louder and louder as the boat draws closer...

Sagat's thugs plus Ken and Ryu arrive at the Tong Warehouse, and Jenny leads most of the thugs around the back door while Lex leads Ken and Ryu in through the entrance. He leads them into the steel cage arena... where many Vega fans gathered here cheer wildly, some of them even waving banners of support for Vega, as the handsome matador fights a fearsome-looking black man who is wielding a sword. The man attempts to lunge at Vega... but he backs up as Vega leaps at him, his claw as sharp as ever and aimed at this ugly fool. The man attempts to climb the fence but is briefly stunned as his hand gets caught in the lightbulb wiring, sending an electric shock into his body!

"Okay we're off the streets, do you feel safe yet?" Ken asks Ryu.

Vega stabs the black man with his claw right through his heart, and the crowd cheers wildly and those waving banners hold and wave them high as the black man instantly falls down dead right in front of Vega's feet. Vega backflips and yodels at his victory.

"Yeah..." replies Ryu. "Real safe (!)"

The crowd continues to cheer for Vega as Lex further escorts Ryu and Ken to Sagat's office.

And once Lex, Ken and Ryu are well out of sight and earshot, one Vega fan approaches Vega and whispers something to him. Vega, in turn, smiles at this, and he hand-signals to Raven and Sara, who respond by bowing to him...