Street Fighter Movie Narration: Part 8

Big mistake, Sagat! The Vega fans and their friends all start fighting with Sagat and his men, all across the prison yard - and before anyone knows it, Vega and Natalie themselves swan-dive off of a wall and land face-to-face respectively with Ryu and Sagat. Natalie is now wielding a makeshift bamboo claw, personally crafted by Vega as another gift to she.

"Oh so you want to fight us?" Sagat sneers at Vega and Natalie. "I think it can be arranged!" And he turns to Ryu and adds, "Ryu, you take the meddlesome matador - perhaps, this time, you may succeed! I'll take his precious princess!"

"Yes SIR!" Ryu enthusiastically declares, and he attempts to lunge at Vega only for the handsome matador to slash him across the chest.

Natalie, thankfully, has no trouble fighting Sagat. It looks like her years of street fighting back in Puerto Rico really will pay off!

"You really are quite the scrapper, my dear..." Sagat observes. "If I hadn't blown my cover, then as part of the plan I'd even take you on as a cage fighter alongside your precious Vega!"

"Thanks," replies Natalie, "But I must respectfully decline. Oh and you really don't need to worry about blowing your cover... I'm sure you've figured it out already, but Vega, me and the rest of us know about your plan to betray and kill him! Why else would we even be here?"

Sagat attempts to strike Natalie with a fierce Tiger Uppercut, but she dodges. "Oh yes, I know you already know!" Sagat huffs. "Jenny de Cerna pointed you out at the warehouse! But what you don't know is, exactly how we shall carry out our plan - other than, of course, the most important factor: I first wish to somehow bring the two of you close to General Bison, to at last personally reveal to he the truth about you... so he can personally decide your fates. I shall decide as we go along, my most hopeful choice being -if not earlier- to confess all after he executes the hostages... but the both of you had better be ready..."

Vega swipes his claw through Ryu's foot. "And Sagat's 'accidental' blowing of your cover?" Vega asks Ryu.

"Yes..." sneers Ryu, clutching his weak foot. "...We shall indeed use it to our advantage. You'd better not let your guard down, if you know what's good for you..."

And speak of the Devil! Justin dives at Natalie from behind, aiming for her right leg - but then Mel leaps in and grabs Justin, punishing him hard with a flaming Shoryuken! "Nobody messes with the beautiful Princess Natalie and gets away with it!" snaps Mel.

Guile, T Hawk and Cammy are watching from an upper window - and Jiggles blushes madly as Cammy blows him a kiss!

"I guess there goes the initial plan to have Ryu and Ken meet you at the infirmary..." sighs T Hawk. "So who should instead accompany Ken?"

Guile then notices Mel and Ken fighting side by side against Jenny and Justin. "How about young Mel over there?" suggests Guile. "He and Ken are very dear friends - Ken even plans to name his first son Mel, if he were to ever settle down and marry! Get Ken and Mel patched up, and bring them to me!"

"Yes sir..." T Hawk replies with a salute, and he rushes down the stairs.

Guile then turns to Cammy. "Sagat runs guns to Bison..." he tells her. "So he knows where Bison is hiding - all we've got to do is to infiltrate someone into his gang! But if Sagat won't trust new friends, maybe he'll trust some new enemies..."

Cammy adjusts her beret. "I'll take your word for it, sir..." she smiles. "And as for..."

"...Yes, bring them to the infirmary too! I shall speak with them after I speak with Ken and Mel..."

Cammy salutes, and she follows T Hawk down the stairs...

In the prison yard, many AN troopers rush in to grab many of the prisoners and stop the riot. T Hawk arrives to take away Ken and Mel, and Cammy bursts in to take Natalie and Vega. "Let's go..." two guards tell Sagat, as they drag him away...

Just as more refugees arrive at the docks and disembark off of their respective boats, Guile drives his jeep into the premises and parks it outside the infirmary. With him are Ken and Mel, their wounds from the riot dressed and now issued new prison clothes. The three of them step out of the jeep. "Come on..." Guile tells Ken and Mel, and he leads them into the infirmary.

Inside the infirmary, the doctors and nurses treat many wounded and sick patients, even a few labouring women here and there - but thankfully do not issue any of them injections until and unless they are fully gas-sedated. The patients are in enough pain as it is without being stuck with injections!

Guile shows Ken and Mel around the infirmary. "These people here have a chance..." Guile tells the two. "But those hostages Bison is holding have less than that. Far less than I can even think..."

"What is this, a guilt trip?" Ken asks.

Guile slightly wrinkles his nose, feeling Ken's words are an insult to these sick people. "Call it a... wake-up call, Ken! Mel would agree with me on this one! Manila, Hong Kong, Shadaloo... you tried to justify yours and your traitorous ex-friend Ryu's con games by telling yourself you, unlike he, have been stealing from criminals; 'to rob the rich to feed the poor', to quote the legend of Robin Hood - but do you realise these people are victims of the criminals from whom you have been stealing??"

Ken gasps. "Yes, Colonel Guile. My intentions were good - and I knew this may be happening, but I never imagined it was this bad..."

Guile closes his file on Ken and Ryu's con games. "Now are you the same as Sagat and Bison, which obviously Ryu is... or am I right, and you're different?"

Mel lowers his head out of respectful concern as the doctors bring in another wounded patient. "Oh he's different all right, Colonel!" Mel tells Guile. "Can we please leave?"

Guile puts his arms over Ken and Mel's shoulders. "Sergeant T Hawk will relay the full orders..." he smirks... "...But the only way you two are leaving... is over my dead body..."

Guile's words prompt the duo to return the smile as they realise what Guile has in mind. Guile then head-gestures to a guard at the infirmary door, and Ken and Mel approach the guard to follow him out... but just as they exit, they wave to two familiar figures who emerge from behind a nearby curtain. Natalie and Vega approach Guile, and salute.

"Sorry about the riot..." Natalie begins, "...But Sagat, he... kinda blew the cover about his own plan. And you know we Vega fans will not take lightly to any insults against Vega!"

"Yes, I saw..." Guile replies. "Now about the ID'ing, the assassin is over here..." and he guides Natalie and Vega to a bed which the waiter is tied to. The waiter is still completely out cold.

"Just as I thought..." sighs Vega, as he recognises the assassin. "It's Charizard! A most unrefined fool, he is..." And everybody around him cheers as he decapitates Charizard with his claws!

"Charizard, hmmm?" Guile asks. "I'll be sure to take note. Now Mel and Ken will play-fight as they are brought into the truck, one of them will grab the keys from T Hawk so on cue you toss them to Sagat. Once he unlocks your handcuffs, and... so begins the prison break, take the keys from him and pass it on to the next group - then they pass it on to the next, and so on..."

Vega brushes back a few strands of his hair. "Sounds like a plan! Oh... and Tigggra says she and the others drew lots last night, it's been decided Setsuna will take the wheel for our group's truck..."

"Setsuna, hmmm? Good choice! And if Sagat and his thugs give any of you any grief en route to the Black Market... please let me know when I arrive at Bison's fort..."

Natalie and Vega salute. "Yes SIR!!" they proudly exclaim.

Back at the prison, Cammy and T Hawk are sorting all prisoners into groups, to be chained together for when they are loaded into the trucks. Yes they are still missing two people for group one, but those two will be along shortly! And unfortunately the groups include a mixture of both good and evil folks, but rest assured the good will certainly put the evil back in their places if they must!

Some, if not all, folks here take a quick view of the countdown clock hanging on the wall. Sagat and his thugs smile evilly, while all good folks view with worry for those innocent lives they too are fighting to save. Will all go according to plan? Or what about Sagat's own evil agenda - will this throw everything into disarray, no matter how hard all good folks fight?? The good know they must triumph over evil, but they cannot shake off the chills down their spines at even the mere thought of what Sagat is up to...