THE DOJO (Ken's complaints)

At last I finally get a section to vent out my anger! Why is it that I'm always the one getting killed around here? It seems to be a daily routine to see me get eaten by Mileena. Why not Bison instead? He is the most hated man on the planet! Why not let him get killed for entertainment purposes instead of me!

This is totally unfair! Why is it that when I got rip to shreds by Vega's claws everyone cheered but when I punched Vega's face in, all the Vega fans rally together and demanded for me to be hanged from the highest tree.

Here is my biggest complaint! Why am I depicted as a raving homosexual in SFIIV? Why are there so many yaoi sites dedicated to the sweet love of Ken and Ryu? THAT MAKES ME MAD!!!!!!

Ken, your alpha version does kind of look like my darling Vega!!!

Get away from me you stupid pink fag! No, don't! HELP!!!


AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh, fuck it! It's tradition.