THE DOJO (Setsuna and Cammy's tea time)

Today for tea time, we are going to discuss the man of our dreams. I'll go first. The man of my dreams is Ken Masters of course. He is such a cutie.

The man of my dreams is Liu Kang. Oooooooooh..... Liu Kang...... I LOVE YOU, LIU KANG!!! I'm going to marry him.

The other man of my dreams is Johnny Cage. Ooooooooh.... Johnny... I'm going to marry him too.

The next man of my dreams is Kung Lao. Ooooooh.... Kung Lao.... I'm going to marry him too.

Kano.... Bald men in trouble with the law are so exciting. I'll marry him too.

Shang Tsung.... I love evil men, they are such a turn on! I'll be sure to marry him too.

Sub Zero is cute too! What the Hell! I'll marry him too! I'm going to marry all of them!

Setsuna, you know very well that it will never happen! And, Cammy, you know that Ken will never belong to you. Ken belongs to Eliza. Heh, heh, heh. Now where is my beautiful Chun Li? I want to watch from above as she does that spinning bird kick.

Damn you, Vega! Tea time is when me and Cammy talk about our fantasies for men! You just brought Cammy and I back to reality and ruined everything... Dan, I know where Vega is!

How dare you, Vega?! Dan, come and get your Vega!

Vega, my love!!! Dan is here to give you more loving!!


Awwwwwwwww.... Another happy ending. Just look at how happy Dan is when he's playing with Vega. GO FOR IT, DAN!!! SHOW HIM WHAT YOU CAN DO!!!

Yes, we get to watch a very entertaining yaoi show from Dan and Vega. Setsuna, pass the popcorn.