THE DOJO (Setsuna and Cammy's tea time)

It has been a very long time since we had one of these meetings!

Yes it has and today we have a special guest with us. Sakura!

Cammy, I heard that you have a new man in your life!

Not man. Men. Many many men! Ken isn't the only one that is in need of my services. If you see a happy man in Shadaloo you know that they've just had the Cammy White treatment.

What about you, Setsuna? When are you going to get yourself a man?

How can you stand going through several lonely centuries all alone without a man? I can't even go a day without Ken's wallet.

I don't have to answer that question......

Rumor has it that when a virgin man catches your eye, you lock him up in a cage and torture him until he dies. Then you cut off his member and put it in a labelled jar.


Someone have mercy and kill me now! End my suffering and torture at the hands of this mad woman!

Shut up, Kunzite, and get back in your cage!

So that explains why so many men are scared shitless when they see you with scissors.

What is wrong with all of you? Nowadays women are quite happy with their lives as being single and independent.

Does that mean that you've finally given up on Ryu and will not stand in my way? You've finally realized that a dried up, post menopausal woman like yourself has nothing to offer Ryu.

There are no words to describe how much I hate you. I will always love Ryu but I will not pursue him the way you do. I respect Ryu's privacy and his decision to put the fight ahead of everything else in his life.

Now to get started talking about the buldge in Ryu's pants... And how we lust to take away his virginity!

What are you women plotting now? Something evil and sadistic about Dan raping my ass again?

No, Vega, we are talking about how great it would be to rape Ryu.

Tsk not everything is about you.

Go away, Vega, and stop spoiling the mood.

Oh, then carry on. With Ryu out of the way nothing will stop me from being with my Chun Li. I am going to find Chun Li and drop down my pants to show her my little 'Vega' so I can hear her beautiful profane screams as she slaps me again. Heh, heh, heh.


Ryu must be really big. I wish I could see that huge dick of his in a close up.

I wish I could ride him hard and see how fast that thing can go.

No wonder Chun Li loves him so much. A man with a dick that big really knows how to pleasure and satisfy a woman.

Remember it is not just about the size but the experience too. Right, Ken?

You got it, baby!

Perverts! You are all disgusting I like Ryu because of his personality and his kind heart.

Chun Li will never have my Ryu. She can drown herself in sorrows until her face shrivels up!

I would love for Ryu to take me now on the floor or even at the fighting arena where everyone can watch with envy.

I would do Ryu anywhere and anytime. That is how badly I want him! I am ready in any position!

Unfortunately for me I have to stay out because I don't have the experience or skills to properly satisfy a virgin man like Ryu with a super, pleasure rod that big and magnificient.

That is enough! I am going to get a search warrant and court order to have you all locked up in a mental asylum for eternity!


Ryu, do you have anything to say? Are you flattered at all the attention that you are getting?

You women sicken and disgust me.

I love you too, Ryu! Did you ladies see how Ryu looked at me? I think he wants me!