It's like 2 in the morning, and I'm bored. It's time for random talk.

I love chocolate milk. I just downed a half gallon an hour and a half ago.

I am currently smoking Marlboro Menthol 100's. This makes me sad. I couldn't find his trademark Newports.

I don't have to be in work tomorrow, or technically today. Yippee.

I'm listening to "Heartache Every Moment" by the band HIM. HIM has been featured on the SuperBeast Singles, and this song was performed by me during a high school show in me juinor year.

I'm looking at an infomercial for Girls Gone Wild. Mike hates Girls Gone Wild. I'm not gay, I just figure how are you gonna use the same footage over again, video after video? I feel sorry almost for the idiots that buy these.

Setsuna was caught kissing the screen when she looked at my Myspace page. Yeah!! Lol, sorry Seto, I couldn't help it. Feel free to kill me later.

Down + Down-forward + Forward + Punch = Greatest move EVER.

I just read the results of tonight's WWE No Way Out Pay Per View. Shawn Michaels lost in the Elimination Chamber. Goddammit. At least Triple H won, but then again, he's married to the boss's daughter, so I'm not surprised. I'm dissapointed everytime I read a pay per view result page. Why? Because mostly no titles change hands, and most of the guys I don't like win. Like John Cena. I FUCKING HATE JOHN CENA!

Ever watch the show Cheaters? It's like my crack. The premise of the show is some hires the Cheaters team and Private Eyes to follow that person's significant other, and see if they are cheating on them. When they play back the footage, they are asked if they want to confront that person. 99% of all of them say yes. Sometimes the results lead to wacky/dramatic/humorous events. Like one episode, the host of the show; Joey Greco follows the camera crew with the person to find the cheater. This episode found the cheater on a boat. One thing led to another, and Joey ended up getting stabbed. He made a full recovery though. One episode, the person they were hired by had her water break, and he ended up helping delivering the baby. Joey Greco is the shit, man. Takes a licking, and keeps on kicking.

Speaking of which, it's coming on. I go watch now.