Outline all written by Mike aka SuperBeast.

Also known as Final Fight X: Streetwise...

You are Kyle Travers, the brother of Cody Travers, one of the Saviors of Metro City. When he gets kidnapped, it's imperative that Kyle rescues him. But it's more to it than that. There's a new drug sweeping the city called Glow. It makes a man darker, and more superhuman. It's up to Kyle to find out where it's coming from, who's distributing it, and how to stop it. The game features Haggar, Cody, and Guy as your allies.

-Roam throught Metro City to save everyone from utter chaos.

-Tense, deep storyline that will keep you guessing what's next.

-Gain respect from 4 different areas by stomping out the criminal element, but don't let those fists of fury flow freely, beat up the wrong people and you become common street trash.

-Insane enemies that are destined to make your heart pump and your pants soiled. Just wait till you see the boss known as Pestilence. You'll understand.

-Features an Arcade mode for 2 players. Choose from Kyle, Cody, Haggar, or Guy.

-Mini games to make the time between smashing bad guys heads clean out of their asses go by faster.

-Learn new moves to beat the shit out the opposition.

-Eight different weapons to pummel the bad guys with.

-Bonus Material includes Music Videos from Fear Factory and Shadows Fall, and the original Arcade version of the first Final Fight.

-Featuring Music by Nappy Roots, Slipknot, Gizmachi, Shadows Fall, Soulfly, Fear Factory, Dujeous, RZA, and many more of the unsung heroes of Hip-Hop.

-1 to 2 Players

Rated M for extreme violence, drug references, suggestive themes, lyrics, and extreme blood and gore. Otherwise it's kickass shit.

SuperBeast's rating (1-5 Ryu heads):