So yeah, here's how my day goes.

I wake up at 9 AM. I was supposed to be at work at 8. I'm scramblng to call a cab and get ready. The words "I'm fired" are playing over and over in my head. I'm not fired, but my day goes by. 4:30 PM, I go home. I get home around 5 PM.

Some friends tell me they are going to the Halloween Parade in New York City. I say fuck it. I go. I grab my black cowboy hat, my trenchcoat and my usual garb with a Pantera shirt. I'm a Cowboy from Hell for Halloween.

We get there and this place is stuffed to the gills. We walk around, checking out the other costumes, and some people put incredible efforts into their shit. We seen Predator, Optimus Prime, and others. I got my picture taken with Beeker from the Muppets (because he's cool.) On the street I meet a guy who's rocking a red headband, and red wrapping on his hands. I'm saying to myself, "No way. This guy's wearing a suit jacket and other shit." But this asian guy is a sophisticated Ryu. I got my picture with him. As soon as I get the pics back, I will definitely post them here. We went around, had our fun, went back to another friends house and hung out. Now I have a giant fucking headache, but I got other shit to do. I work late tomorrow, which means I can sleep in. Nighty fucking night and Happy Halloween to all.