When I was in junior high, all of my friends were in different schools for two more years. I really didn't hang out with anyone. I sought refuge in one place I knew I could. The movie theater. I loved sitting in a dark room with popcorn and soda, and the silence soothing my soul until the feature began. I had a way of going about it. I remember sneaking into my first R-rated movie. I remember my first time kissing in a theater. The movie theater in general just leaves a warm feeling in my heart.

1) Never go to the opening night. It's crowded, kids are assholes who whip ice cubes at the screen, text/call during the movie, and generally ruin the movie-going experience.

2)Go to the earliest show, preferably on Sunday. No one is there, and there's a pretty good chance tickets are at a reduced price.

Me and the girlfriend went to the movies and saw Unfriended. The whole film was pretty much one shot in the same style as V/H/S or The Blair Witch Project. It's about six friends talking over Skype, and how there is a seventh Skype name known as "billie227" in the chat. Thinking it's a glitch, they poke and prod about it until they find out that it's the ghost of a girl who had committed suicide one year ago due to bullying, and she wants revenge.

The movie itself at first was kinda lame, I can remember saying to myself "I hope the whole movie isn't like this." However, you don't need special effects /CGI/a multi-million dollar budget to make good horror. The movie had solid acting, and a great storyline that hits close to home for some, and one that can easily identified with. I recommend it.