How was everyone's Independence Day?

I almost died yesterday. The family met up at my sister's house upstate, and we had a bonfire going. We had a lot of booze, and my brother puts a bottle rocket in the fire. Like 25 minutes later, the thing shoots past my head. If I was like three inches to the left, my face would've been blown off. Otherwise, fun time. Blew off $400 worth of fireworks.

I wanted to strangle people for the past few days. Two customers asked me for 10 pounds of shit one night, and some chick asked me for 13 pounds of is my arm still attached? Ooh, I wanna kill those motherfuckers.

I was looking back on some parts of my RPG, and I wonder two things. Where do I come up with this shit, and exactly what the fuck am I smoking?

I need to upload more pictures on my Myspace...fuck.

I have one pair of pants that I can't stand...they're so tight, my balls feel like hot sweaty conjoined twins...did that make any sense at all?

I feel like I can eat a horse I'm so hungry.

I have a splitting fucking headache. And I gave my mom all my aspirins. Especially my Ibuprofen...Fuck.

I'm gonna re-hook up my NES. I got two games I never played. RoboCop and Bart Simpson Vs. The World.

The cigarettes aren't helping my headache.

Work sucks. Only reason why I'm still there is the people I work with and the benefits.

I was reading an article online and they listed the top 10 best and worst superhero movies. They had the balls to list The Punisher number 7 worst movie. They said Thomas Jane has no charisma. Does The Punisher look charismatic when he does his work? Fuck no. Is he prancing around doing fucking ballet while managing to shoot off a gun or two? No! He'll straight up walk up to you and slit your fucking throat.

My one friend brings me an old piece of shit guitar the other day. It looked like it was sitting in a closet for 30 years, and it was made in Japan, it looks like a knock-off Fender Stratocaster. Plays like shit, too. Try restoring can't. I couldn't.

Sometimes I miss the old days where I was in my freshman year of high school. I would take my allowance, go to the movies, then go right to the record store which was like not even half a block down and buy a new CD, then go home and listen to it.

Fuck it, I got shit to do. Like another RPG post.