What's up guys? Long month man...thank god it's over.

I'm four days closer to going to Texas, and going to Ozzfest. I can't wait. The big open spaces, the fresh air, the nice people, well most of the time. Plus spending time with the greatest mother in the world.

The douchebags at work are trying to fuck me out of my vacation. They had me scheduled for being off Friday, but working Saturday. My plane leaves on Friday, so am I gonna say "Fuck Ozzfest, I'm gonna work?" Hell no! Either way, I'm leaving. If they wanna fire me, well fuck'em. Maybe it was a mistake and I'm just blowing it out of proportion, but still...fuck 'em.

I had sex the other night...it felt so good. I got a lot of tension out. She started by massaging out my back, because it was sore, but after all was said and done, I think she hurt my neck, but I can't turn it to the right. She texts me saying I went so deep I hurt her. I told her she's welcome. And she ends up laughing...I am the total package...I treat you right and make you laugh.

The last song I put up, "All I Want" by The Offspring you can switch the word "you" to "I" in some parts, and it still sounds good. Talk about random, huh?

I should make good use of my hot tub and chill out.

Guitar Hero, my long lost love. I forgot how much I love rocking out with a plastic guitar in my boxers and socks.

I got some crazy RPG ideas, just you wait...the villain I have prepared next in one you would never imagine standing across me in battle.

I wish I worked early on Mondays...so I can watch wrestling.

Did I mention that chick's legs were shaking and she ended up smoking two of my cigarettes, even though she doesn't smoke? Dammit.

I miss watching Maury Povich. I love looking at the faces of obnoxious overzealous women blame a guy for denying he was the father when he really was, and vica versa.

I gotta do insane laundry for my trip, and clean my room...it looks like a grenade went off in here.

I'm watching Cops. I know a few of my friends will end up on that show.

I read an article on some dude stabbing a sleeping passenger on a Greyhound bus in Canada. He stabbed him like 40 times and took off his head and shown it to everyone on the bus. I'm never falling asleep on a bus EVER AGAIN.

I think this guy I know is trying to seduce me online. He's a old friend and I know he's gay. But he's saying his Bi. Yeah okay...he wants my SuperCock. Not happening, buddy boy.

My one other friend from Illinois is in town. I can't wait to see her. She's a pro gamer and she's Asian. I had the biggest crush on her, but I knew she was dating my best friend. But I respect her enough to not act flirty with her and such. Plus she's married, I believe.

Probably two of the most soothing songs are "Sadness" by Enigma and Hallucinations (Dream World Mix) by In The Nursury. Sadness is a melodic, sultry song with Gregorian Chants and a French woman loudly whispering something that sounds hot. Hallucinations is the song that Chun-Li puts on as she gets out of the shower on her stereo before Vega attacks her in The Animated Movie.

I was watching the Director's Cut of RoboCop. More footage of Alex Murphy's death, and more blood. Great stuff.

Speaking of movies, I found a underrated movie on DVD, "Rapid Fire," starring Brandon Lee. He plays a college kid who witness a mob hit, and is chased by them, a cop who walts to help, and crooked federal agents.

Sometimes I think about how I became this way I am, and think back on when I looked and acted so innocent, and what lead me to this. Like the song from Rise Against says, "How we survive is what makes us who we are."

Or sometimes I think I gotta catch up on my sleep. Sounds good actually...later.