Well, it's been awhile, so let's get ready to be random.

I still got it. It's been about four or five months, but I can still rock it out in Guitar Hero. If any only some of the discs worked properly and not have every other song freeze the game.

I'm not a father, thank god. Had a little scare. I can barely take care of myself. I don't want a kid for like another eight years.

I made my friend get a nosebleed, we had been playing Street Fighter, and got into a scuffle about who won the war. He claims he does, when he's a cheapass doing the same two moves, when I actually do every move and have a strategy and parry moves and whatnot. So he dive tackles me, I lock him up in a Guillontine and he spins around. It ends with me with long scratches on my arm with him in a headlock, and him trying to pick me up and slam me down whilst bleeding from his nose. We laughed our asses about it afterwards.

Work still sucks. I could write a whole stand up comedy routine on that place alone.

Spaceballs is on G4...Hell yeah!

I finally achieved every gold medal in the Punisher on PS2. I doubted myself for awhile.

If your wondering why I haven't posted a SuperBeast Single in a while, just wait a little longer. My current connection is dial up now, because my parents moved out, and I had broadband by using theirs. So it's a bitch to things now.

Chocolate milk rocks. Especially if I make it.

I learned how to play the intros for "A New Level" and "Five Minutes Alone" by the Southern Gods of Metal, Pantera. Sounds killer.

I got hit on by a shemale at work the other night. She was the last person we helped before we closed. I asked if it was cool that we take her, we decided to to avoid conflict and what-have-you. I get my gloves on and she said to me, "I want a half pound of this, a half pound of that, three-quarters of this and your phone number." I looked at her like she must have been crazy. Trying to hide it, I smiled at her. It was then I looked further and noticed that she was about 6'3" and had an adam's apple. Picture Morrigan in street clothes, brown skinned with penciled on eyebrows and black hair with red highlights. Makes me shiver thinking about it.

I need NyQuil...this cough is killing me.

I ate about 12 pancakes the other night...damn I was hungry.

Gotta stop eating late at night. Goddammit.

My ass is asleep. How the fuck am I sitting on it wrong?

Food sounds good...I'm gonna make some right now. And it's raining, so it's relaxing me even more.

Ciao, bitches.