I got a date on Saturday. My co-worker set me up with this one chick. It's a triple/group date. It's my friend and his girlfriend, my other friend and his fiance, and I'm on the blind date. I'm a little nervous, but who knows? I might like her. Plus, I found out she's partly Japanese, so that's a plus. What am I gonna do with myself? Lol.

My boss is crusin' for a full on motherfucking brusin'. Right before I quit I plan on humilating him infront of everyone from my co-workers to the customers.

I had an infection in my mouth. Caused the left side of my jaw to swell to the size of a golf ball. I got it fixed though.

Anyone remember that show Rocko's Modern Life? Love that show. I've been thinking of a way to incorportate the characters into my RPG, but we'll save that for another time.

I think I'm developing a habit where I keep re-tuning my guitars. Random, I know.

I like rain better than snow. You don't have to shovel rain. You don't have dig up your car after a rainstorm.

Went food shopping. Barely had food in the house for like two weeks, but it's all good, I don't eat much.

I don't know why, but I have a powerful lust for Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's. That's the only thing I ever eat from there, anyway. The fries I barely eat, because they take like more than two and a half months to break down in your body. So they could stay there for awhile, thank you Morgan Spurlock. In case you don't know who that is, he's responsible for making Super Size Me.

My chest is hairy, I'm gonna shave it.

I saw Punisher: Warzone...go see this movie. I got two words I kept saying through out the time I was in the theater...HOLY SHIT!

Speaking of movies, one movie I rarely watch is The Crow. I watch it rarely on purpose, so I appreciate it more. I haven't seen it in about four years. I have a code about watching this movie. In order to enhance the mood of the movie, I only watch it at night, when it's raining/thunderstorming, or both. Gotta love Brandon Lee, man.

I'm tired of seeing infomercials for Girls Gone Wild. Isn't it like the same shit every video of drunk chicks flashing their boobs and like having softcore sex? Now they made a spin-off called Guys Gone Wild...great...just fucking great. Someone save me from this bullshit.

When it comes to my favorite part of a woman, I'm an ass man. Because everywhere I go I hear people say "You're an ass, man." ::rimshot:: I know, I'm a cornball.

I love how someone ended up whipping his shoes at George W. Bush. He may have been a shitty president, but he has Matrix like reflexes. He showed them off when he sidestepped that first fucking shoe, LMAO.

I talk too much, lol. I'm gonna put on my meditation mix on my MP3 player and go to bed.