For god sake, here we go...

The best way to start a new year? Celebrating with the ones you love and waking up to a brand new year. The not-so best way? Waking up hungover realizing you shouldn't have had that last gulp of Jagermeister or that last hit off of a blunt, going to work feeling like shit, than leaving early knowing you get paid extra for working that day only to buy cough medicine, tissues and lots of orange juice. In case you don't get it by now (you dumb fuck) I went that route.

Me and this chick are getting along just fine. We talk, take her out, and occasionally she sleeps over and gives me massages and hot fiery sex. Not even my girlfriend. She gives me TLC, and not Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. If you don't watch wrestling, you don't know then.

I have been feeling better though. Antibiotics work wonders like a motherfucker.

Can't wait for my shit from Guitar Center comes in the mail. You can never have enough strings or picks.

I noticed that I have a lot of typos sometimes in the RPG. Even the "great" SuperBeast fucks up a few times.

The hat I wear at work makes my head itch.

My ex-girlfriend makes me wonder if she still harbors feelings for me. Thing is, I really can't see myself with her again. Stranger things have happened, though.

I'm staying at my father's house until I move to my mom's. It's awkward. I got used to living by myself, and now I gotta tip toe around shit again. Roux (my other dog) doesn't make it easier. Loud bastard...I love him, though.

One of my all time favorite groups is finally getting back together for a new album! Spineshank, motherfuckers...SPINESHANK! YES!!! THERE IS A GOD!! To celebrate, the next SB Single will be Spineshank.

I need money. I want more tattoos.

I got my co-workers into All That Remains. They really love that song "Two Weeks," (see SB Singles Vol. 61).

Speaking of which, I go by another name at work. Tweeks. AKA Macho Tweeks, AKA TwoWeeks. To explain that story, let me set the mood for's a friday night, we all got off of work early. We go to a co-worker's house, and we light it up, ya dig? Right down the street from his house there's a McDonald's and a White Castle. Being that I hadn't had those little juicy burgers in like 10 years, we went there. We order our food, and my friend drives up to the window. He pulls too far up. So I tell him to pull back, but at the same time I'm hanging like halfway out of the window, as if I'm about to get out. The woman inside the building looks at me, with my ruffled ass hair, my dumb posture, and she goes...

"Oh honey, be careful! Don't fall! Don't you fall! You okay? You alright? You tweakin'?"

Explanation: When a crack addict is hopped up on crack, he's "tweaking." This bitch thought I was a crackhead! Sad part is, I used my debit, so she probabaly knows my name. I can never go back to that

Before you ask, some people at work know me as SuperBeast. The chick I'm seeing knows me as it, and learned why I am the motherfuckin' SuperBeast, in more ways than one.

Now, I gotta work on your new SB Single, and possibly an RPG post.