Well well well...

I got laid tonight. It was pretty good except it was in a pickup truck. It was a challenge. Mission successful. Another woman now knows why I'm called SuperBeast.

Robin Williams is fucking hilarious. If you haven't seen Weapons of Self Destruction, stop depriving yourself. You can find it on YouTube.

Speaking of, I found Ernest movies on there. Looking back on it, Ernest was fuckin' awesome. Lighthearted adult male wins over macho adult male. Fuck it. He's still cool.

I'm going on my water diet. Drink nothing but water and portion everything. I lost 26 pounds in a month.

I'm trying to eat healthy, but I noticed that Payday bars are chockful of protein. It's sweet and salty, but it has 6 grams of protein, so you don't feel as guilty after eating it.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3...

I give it 4 Ryu heads out of 5. It's cool, it's fun to play, but the endings could be a bit longer, the gallery feels a bit generic, like endings, art, and stage music, but is redeemed by the voice FX gallery and 3D model viewers, especially if you feel like peeking up Chun-Li's qipao or Getting a full view of your other favorite characters.

For the funniest vids on YouTube, visit NicePeter's channel. Picture Songs and Epic Rap Battles of History are guaranteed to make you piss your pants. Ever wondered what would happen between a rap battle with Adolf Hitler and Darth Vader? Find out here.

SplatterHouse on the Xbox 360, gets a out of 5. Why? Ultraviolence rules.

I need to do laundry...fuck.

Next time I'm at the bar...my bar tab will never reach 54 bucks again, that's way too much on one guy.

Speaking of, I need to write more songs.

I'd rather fuck Roseanne than listen to the shitty country music they keep playing at my job. Kill me...please.

Anyone else hyped for Batman: Arkham City? It's gonna be badass.

Wrestling ain't what it used to be, man. Fuck no.

Shaved my head again yesterday... forgot how weird it feels afterwards.

Bee. Low. Me. Say it fast. Slurp slurp, bitches.

Wanna see something cool? Type into Google or Wikipedia Dock Ellis. Dock Ellis was a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates who pitched a no-hitter while under the influence of LSD. Type in YouTube Robin Williams Dock Ellis. You will die laughing.

Suck a dick, I'm going to bed.