Let's see...what's going on...

Henry Rollins, the lead singer of Rollins Band and Black Flag, is also a stand-up comedian. And he is fucking hilarious.



There's your proof.

I had a new stalker. She thought we were a couple, confessed she was in love with me, amongst other things. I had to file a report on her, because she works at my job. Wait, correction. She worked at my job. She quit today. Fuck it. My nightmare is over. I might post the whole story in a future edition of SuperBeast's True Stories.

Talking to this new girl, hope it works out a lot better. But after these last doozies I'm not sure if I want a relationship right now. We'll see.

Finally picked up Arcade Edition. Evil Ryu is fucking awesome. Haven't looked too deep into it yet.

CM Punk is the best in the world right now. He's straight-edge, which means he's better than you...and me. Fuck Cena.

In November I'm going to Los Angeles in an attempt to get a contract. I need to get my ass in the studio. Fuck it, I'm playing a show.

Ever tried to fart and blow your nose at the same time? You can't do it, can you? We miss you, George Carlin.

I'm sorry I haven't kept up with the RPG. Computer just got back online. Switched providers and whatnot.

It finally rained after 73 days with temperatures over 100 degrees...fuckin' 112. Fuck that noise twice.

I wish I had a burrito.

Know what would be nice? A massage.

Know what else is nice? Sleep.

Good night.

PS, blow me. Love you all.