How was everyone's Christmas?

I got a new guitar from my wife. She got me a Fender Squier. I got some cool clothes, which when you get older, you appreciate more practical things.

I also got some of the new Street Fighter Pop Funko figurines. Ryu and Blanka. Eventually over time I'll get the rest of series 1. Might even buy Sexy Ryu.

Speaking of, would everybody be interested in a contest? Winner receives a Dan Hibiki figurine from Pop Funko? If we get enough interest we'll do it.

These night shifts are killing me.

But my bank account is nice and big. Not so much right now, because Christmas killed it.

I met one of my all time favorite bands a couple months ago. The next SB Single I plan on putting up will be from Dope. Very underrated band who just put out their first album out this October since 2009. So good to see them back. Great guys.

I recently picked up Power Stone 2 on the Sega Dreamcast. Good rare find.

I don't believe in emulators. I want the actual controller in my hands and the actual game cartridge. I'm a purist. I use cheat codes for fun only, not to actually beat the game.

I've recently been playing WWE 2K17. It's so much fine creating your own character and giving him whatever logos you can think of through the uploading website. If I want my character to have polka dots or pentagrams, I can make it happen. You want a McDonald's tattoo? Go for it. Possibilities are literally endless.

My cat Felix is 30 pounds of fluff. When he sees a bug, I have to rescue him. He's a big softy but I love him.

I'm going to try to get some sleep now. Night shifts are fun, but they wreak havoc on your sleep schedule.