Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Jet lag, work, lost baggage (We'll get to that in a bit) and other happy horseshit.

I got a carton of Newports while I was on my ass some money.

Did Setsuna miss me?

When I landed into the airport, only one of my bags shown up. I'm pissed off, because my flight sucked, it was bumpy as hell and some kid was screaming. The bag that didn't show up contained presents for my sister, and my legal documents (birth certificate, etc.) It arrived the next day intact, thank god. I was afraid there was gonna be some Mexican walking around with my name. Only one SuperBeast per lifetime, and he's typing right now.

While I was down in Texas, I went to my usual night time hangout, a karaoke bar. I got the chance to rock four songs because it wasn't too busy. I did "Cowboys From Hell" and "Walk" from Pantera, "Bullets" by Creed, and "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. There was two chubby chicks there, one dressed nice, one that dresses like I do. I don't know if they were lovers or friends, but when I was doing "Walk" the good dressed one asked if it was okay that I'm being filmed. I told them I didn't care, but looking back on it, it was pretty weird. I'm probably up on YouTube now...great.

I think Deadeye's luck somehow rubbed off on me. My tooth/gums are throbbing. I'm downing Ibuprofen like they're M&M's. I got some antibiotics. I had the same problem two years ago, and it almost killed me. It failed then, and it will fail now.

Balrog and Sagat are confirmed for Street Fighter 4. However, Akuma's status is unknown at this point. Hopefully he'll be there.

Street Fighter: The Later Years is now over. The final chapter is up. Watch them all at Or if you want to be difficult, go look them up on YouTube.

Me and my boss are acting civil. Which is good, I want to keep it like that. Speaking of, I realized it yesterday, I got a raise. Not much, but it's something.

I bought this 2 disc set of Pantera's home videos. It features mostly tour footage, backstage footage, some live songs and the videos. They did a Japan tour. That's my dreamwoman right there. A cute Asian chick who loves Pantera. I'm all over that. Pantera Ichiban!

St. Patrick's Day is coming. Time to get fucked up for no reason whatsoever. Just the excuse of saying it's a holiday. I marched in my town's St. Patrick's Day parade twice, but stopped because I hated the shoes.

Everyone at work missed me. Well, if I was gone for a week and a half, would you?

I love to eat pussy. How's that for random?

Setsuna's right. I look fucking hot smoking a cigarette.

I want to eat a big old bowl of shrimp fried rice, but I can't...goddammit!

I want to die in my sleep. That seems the most peaceful way.

I'm about to watch Charlie's know why. Lucy fuckin' Liu.

Ehh, fuck it. I'm done.