I'm thinking of starting a seperate RPG, like what would happen in a parallel universe. Like my character wasn't married to Cammy, lived in an apartment, but still different adventures. Like, if Mike were a single man, and he didn't have Cammy, maybe different friends...it's basically a spin off. Same characters, same setting, just different chains of events. I'm working on it.

Please don't say "thank you" anymore in my Singles or Random Thoughts. It just irritates me. As much as I appreciate it, if I want thanks, I'll do something really great. Can't think of anything right now. I just want input, maybe strike up a conversation...or some shit.

I think I'm gonna kick my boss's ass. Wait till I catch him off work property.

I miss the 90's. Everything seemed so laid back.

Newports, Newports...how do I love thee.

I just picked up Guitar Hero for the first time in a month. I need to practice more.

Am I the only person who doesn't mind Taboo playing Vega? I think he can pull it off. Then again, I don't give a fuck, I'm not that much of a Vega fan.

I need to get a new door. It's all fucked up. I need my privacy, goddammit.

I have my moments, where I get vain. But it's only when I'm alone. I look at myself, bow up a bit, and think, "I'm fucking hot." And then, I wake up.

I need a new cell phone. This one's all scratched the fuck up.

My necklaces frighten people. I think I wear too many pentagrams. Satan's our friend. He makes us not want to get up in the morning, and tell ugly people they're pretty. I could go on forever.

People who come to my job are fucking nimrods. They're hard of hearing and they're just scumbags and assholes. Probably whores, too. And people wonder why I smoke.

I just saw Dan In Real Life with Steve Carrell...not that bad.

I'm watching a video from 1996 of The Undertaker. He looked so badass.

Horton doesn't hear a Who, he hears my balls...okay, that WAS random.

I need to lie down. It's 4AM.

Think I should?

Ehh, fuck it. I'll go to sleep. Tomorrow will be better, I hope.