So nice I had to do it twice.

Today sucked. I got into two altercations with customers. I'm ready to not give a fuck and start snapping back. But, on the other hand, my job is at stake. So fuck it. If I gotta eat shit, I gotta eat it and smile. That and I helped out the Asian chick who gave me her number. I saw her boyfriend, I sized up and I realized, I could take him. But, it's not worth it. Find your own someone, not someone else's.

Setsuna, I'm online basically every night after 11PM EST. If my away message is on, just leave me a message. This actually goes for all of you who find me on AIM, but I tell her because she brought it to my attention.

I never noticed how passionate a crowd can be in Canada until I watched a 10-man tag match from 1997 that pitted Bret Hart & The Hart Foundation Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldust, The Legion of Doom and Ken Shamrock. Seeing how they were in Canada, The Hart foundation were the favorites.

I hooked up my SNES a couple days ago. My friend came down from Pennsylvania, and we started playing Super SF2. We beat each others ass for a good hour and a half. I guess I still got it.

Payday's tomorrow. Fuck yeah. But since they cut back our hours, mine will probably be worth shit. I'm still waiting on my tax refund too.

Speaking of which, I got a memo along with last week's pay. It was the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. I'll post up right here. This is word for word. I couldn't make this shit up...ahem.

1) There will be no public displays of affection (Hugging & Kissing) anywhere in the store or on the platform. (The platform is where the carts go and the entrance and exit is.)
2) No gum chewing in any departments. (I can sort've understand this.)
4) Hairnets must be worn in all departments where perishable food is handled. (I don't need one. Unless you can find a way to wrap one on my chin hair.)
5) There will be no food or liquid drinks of any kind in any department. (Wait a minute...LIQUID DRINKS? How the fuck do you have a solid drink? WHO THE FUCK PROOFREADS THIS!?)

It's fucking gayer than an all-male orgy with Chris Crocker as the centerpiece.

I want some Jagermeister. Or Bailey's. If I'm feeling saucy enough, I'll want some Johnnie Walker Black.

And now, I will show you how to make three of favorite drinks.

Banana Sandwich AKA Monkey's Lunch-You need a shotglass. First add Banana Scnapps/Liqeur/whatever, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Coffee Liqeur. No fancy stirring, just layer it in away.

Blacktooth Grin-A Pantera favorite. Shotglass needed. Add Crown Royal or any other whiskey. Add a splash of Coca Cola or any other cola, Coke preferred. Add enough Coke to change the color of the drink.

Seven and Seven- Tumbler glass recommended. Seagram's Scotch Whiskey, and any soda lemon lime flavored. Mix it up a bit. Drink it, get fucked up.

See? I'm good for other things.

I had a mouse problem in my house for awhile. It disappeared, then resurfaced four days ago. Then I heard something tapping on my floor. I look behind chair, and what do I see? The mouse. He's flipping around. The rat poison kicked in I guess. I grabbed a bag and put him in it. Didn't touch him with my bare hands. A gave him a burial fit for him, threw his ass down the sewer...that's what he gets for fuckin' with me.

I keep having this re-occuring dream, I don't know why. I'm on a train going home from my mother's house in Texas. There's no bathroom on the train. We pull into a station in Atlanta. I run to a bathroom in the station, and try to run back to the train in time. The doors close when I'm 25 feet away and the train leaves. My wallet, my ID, everything I have is on the train. I don't know why it comes to me. But then again, all I have is bad dreams anyway.

I'm watching a match with Curth Hennig, most known as Mr. Perfect. His gimmick was he was perfect at everything. He was a great wrestler, an incredible performer, and a tremendous athlete. Now he's a perfect corpse. He died of acute cocaine intoxication. I miss seeing him perform.

WrestleMania 24's this weekend. I know I'll be at work, dammit. I do want to see Floyd Mayweather whoop that ass on Big Show. Now if you don't know who I'm talking about, let me sum it up. Floyd is 5'8" and 158 lbs. Big Show is 7'2" and 440 lbs. Mismatch and a half, but it oughta be good.

I gotta do something about this chin hair. It's getting longer. Way faster than my head hair. I wish my head had that growth spurt. I'm fucking losing hair.

There's going to be a wrestling show in my town on April 19th. I'm thinking about going to it. The promotion is pretty well-established, so I know I'd be in for a treat.

Alright, I've had enough...fuck this shit.