I know I did one already, but I'm doing a new one.

I'm really pissed my whole RPG was erased. At least Seto saved some of it. I'm not blaming anyone, but what I'm really trying to say is, shit happens.

I got in a fight tonight. Some guy was talking shit, so I whooped his ass. I left handed him as hard as I could, and then I headbutted him. I got a red spot on my forehead. I got some ice. I'll be fine. Plus, the alcohol in my body sort've numbed it.

I got a new bracelet made of Tungsten. Not really my style, but it looks good on me. Got it at a good price too. I'm not one for gold.

I had a very lovely girl spend time with me recently. She ended up making chocolate chip pancakes for both of us at 2:30 in the morning. Lol, sometimes I love being me.

I wish I had a nice pair of Asian tits to squeeze right about now.

Pork chops, greasy greasy. I beat some dude's ass, EASY EASY! That was random as fuck.

George Carlin's dead...FUCK! I'm gonna miss him.

Silent Civilian is pretty badass. The lead singer from Spineshank formed this band, and I love it almost as much as I did Spineshank.

Robert Englund for the first time WON'T be playing Freddy Krueger, this is utter bullshit. Fuckin' remakes suck.

The new Punisher movie doesn't impress me, the teaser didn't look too good. It looked cheesy.

I am however, looking forward to the Max Payne movie.

Suck my fuckin' cock. Just felt like saying that.

I feel like I can go for a big fat fuckin' chicken sandwich with cheddar, tomato and oregano. Yum.

Sleep sounds good too.

They had a roster draft on wrestling tonight. Basically, they mix up the lists of which show each wrestler performs on. I'm not too thrilled about it. But it takes awhile to adapt to changes.

Do I swear too much? Shit.

I heard the song Cherry Pie by Warrant for the first time in a while today...lol...love it. That and Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie...

I love sex. A lot. If I could, I'd have it every hour on the hour.

Fuck it, I'm done. Got some shit to do.