I'm back, the fog has lifted, the earth has shifted.

Let's see, I lost 150 pounds. 150 Pounds of Cuntfaced lying cheating...well you get the idea.

I'm just as bitter as I ever am. It's time to find a filter for the anger, the pain, and the rage. Rage/anger...same thing...fuck it.

For the new people who are here and wonder who the fuck I am...well let me introduce myself.

The name is Mike, but you fuckers refer to me as SuperBeast. Mike's fuckin' dead. Like I said in my last post before I left, you will be referred to as whatever I please. Even on my shittiest days I beat that ass.

I use lots of profane language. I really don't give a shit if it offends you. Blow me.

I smoke like a chimney.

I write incredible RPG stories, well, that's what I hear.

I play guitar.

I watch WAY too much TV and even way more movies. I have no life inbetween shifts.

My music is better than yours. Straight up.

Call me an asshole, I'm glad.

Whoever said my shit from the site be removed, I forget who it was and I'm too lazy to go check ( hey it's almost 5:30 in the morning ) I wish you lived close to me. So I could walk to your house and punch you in the throat.

I believe a lot of the world's population ought to be strapped into chairs and beaten with hammers.

Despite this being a Vega site, I am NOT a Vega fan. I'm a Ryu guy. He's classic for a reason.

I mix my gasoline with Crown Royal before I drink it. I'm that fucking crazy.

No shame in my game, too wild to be lame and straight fucking insane, that's me.

I've dined on the flesh on fallen angels and wiped my ass with Satan's wings. I am the hybrid.

In short...put your big girl thongs on, bitches...Daddy's back.