I'm just gonna rant and rave, fuck it.

I can't stand people like Paris Hilton. She was supposed to get a 45-day jail sentence, and she's only going to serve HALF and it's in like a VIP prison...someone wanna tell me, WHAT THE FUCK PURPOSE DOES SHE SERVE!? She can't act, she can't model, She can't sing, and judging by her sex tape, she couldn't FUCK TO SAVE HER LIFE!

John Cena, this prick gets me heated. He's the most overrated son of a bitch I've ever seen. He's a fucking buffed version of Mark Wahlberg. He doesn't deserve shit. The only reason he's been WWE champion for the majority of 2 YEARS is because he's Vince McMahon's bitch, and I was so proud of myself when I flipped his ass off at the press conference...what a fucking faggot.

I fucking hate people who think they are gorgeous looking but in reality, it looks as if someone walked up to them, rammed their fist in their nose, and poured a pile on monkey shit on them. You're not hot, you're not attractive, you're butt fucking ugly.

If you come up to me shoving a Bible in my face, expect a knife to go into yours. I'm perfectly fine the way I am. I don't need any more holiness in my life than what I got now. Jesus butt-fucking Christ, leave me alone, and shove a crucifix up your ass. No I don't worship Satan, but I don't worship God either.

Well...I'm done...oh and one more thing.

If I have offended you in anyway, you have NO IDEA about how much I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK.