It's been a while since I've done one of these, too. I'll keep this one short.

So yeah, every June in Dallas, there's a convention called A-Kon. Every year you have voice actors, animators, artists, and hundreds upon hundreds of cosplayers. This past year, me and the girlfriend went to a panel with Kyle Hebert. Now, if you don't know who he is, he's the voice of the Narrator of Dragon Ball Z, and Ryu from Street Fighter IV, and hopefully Street Fighter V. He did a panel of finding sick, perverted Craigslist ads, and short stories from the Fifty Shades Generator website. He read these off while doing impressions of famous people and characters. Ranging from Ryu, Bill Cosby, Macho Man Randy Savage, to somehow...RoboCop fucking a toaster.

After we all laughed our asses off for the next hour, I finally had my chance to meet the man. We talked for a bit, on numerous things, and he signed my Ryu shirt, which now hangs proudly in my living room. He also did a video of him reciting a few lines Ryu/Evil Ryu says in the game. Closest I'll ever get to actually meeting a fictional character.