I had to go in at 9 AM today. I woke up at 8:30. Had to get my ass in gear. Some chick has a large order to put in, I'm feeling like shit, kinda lightheaded. Nevertheless, I take her order. I was measuring this chick's ShopRite smoked turkey, I noticed I had to cut more. She asked for a pound, I cut a little over half. So I put my arm down, and I heard a grinding noise and a sharp pain in my left middle finger. I cut myself while the blade was on. I just winced and shouted out a little "Fuck!" My co-workers are flipping shit, when I'm the one who's the most calm and I'm hurt. I wash it off with some warm water, then peroxide while they're screaming for my supervisor to check on me. He comes in and sees how calm I am and he takes me to the back and puts bandaids on me. I didn't cut myself TOO deep. But right now, I can only play games with one shoulder button, and I can't play my guitar at all. Believe me, I've tried. So I'll be out of that action for awhile. When I get myself all patched up, I wanted to go finish that person's order. I look back, she's gone and they're taking apart the slicer I cut myself on to clean it. I talked to one of my managers and he told me, I was different from the rest. When I asked how so, he told me people cut themselves on the first week. It took me a little over a month. Like I said, I am one in a fucking million.