This year, I climbed in the ring with the new game from THQ/Yuke's. The game has an updated roster of WWE Superstars as well WWE Legends. Although the game's roster hasn't really been that has a few character's missing (Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Jeff Hardy, Victoria, The Spirit Squad etc.) and a few people who have little or no affiliation with the company (Paul Burchill, Psicosis). The create-a-wrestler mode has new parts but left out some stuff from the other games such as changing the length of pants or shorts. The move list has added on a few more manuevers to kick your opponent's ass nine ways from Sunday, and has pre-set move lists from previous and current WWE Superstars. For example, if you are making Jeff Hardy or Charlie Haas or whoever and forget their moves, their already in the game under the pre-lists. The create-a-championship and create-a-PPV haven't really changed. The game has an updated season mode, an updated General Manager mode, and a more enhanced Creation mode. I should know because the Create an entrance mode is more advanced than last year's game, but it's more of a hassle now, choosing when your name plate goes up, when your pyro goes off, lighting of the room, music/video etc. Available for PS2, PSP, and XBOX 360. So so far let's review.

-Enhanced grappling system, with even more moves.

-Better entrance creation, with more animations and pyro.

-Season mode features new orginal storylines with even better Voiceovers.

-Over 100 matches, including the Elimination Chamber, Hell In The Cell, TLC Matches, Backstage Brawls, and introducing the Money In The Bank ladder match; for extreme 6-man free-for-all ass kicking.

-Newer roster of WWE Superstars, featuring Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, The Boogeyman, Matt Hardy and a new roster of legends such as Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock, and Eddie Guererro. Also the WWE Divas make their return to platform gaming as well.

-Enhanced Create-A-Superstar with stylizing, and more easier coloring.

-Environmental Hotspots; meaning certain areas around the arena do more damage than regular attacks, for more authentic WWE action.

-Takin' it to the people...Fighting in the crowd allows you more weapons, a scaffold for extreme aerial assaults, and interaction with the fans including weapons and taunting with a crowd member's sign.

-Soundtrack featuring Versus The World, Godsmack, Ghostface Killah, Lil' Scrappy feat. Young Buck and Three Days Grace.

-1-6 Players (Multi-tap required for more than 2 players...well fucking obviously.)

-Online mode available.

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