The Twisted Pair: Wrath of the Psycho Rangers

Chapter 3 December 6 A few miles away Mt. Fuji, Japan 12:45 AM

"Like the Psychos, I'm part of a team of five," Andros told Ryu. "The others should be meeting up with us soon." As if on cue, they caught up with the trio. T.J, the Blue Ranger; Carlos, the Black Ranger; Ashley, the Yellow Ranger; and Cassie, the Pink Ranger, flew closer to the bunch. Carlos looked at Ryu. "Andros, I know that Goku is helping us out, but...." he started, "who is that guy and why is he riding your Galaxy Glider?" Andros told his comrades the story. A few moments later, they reached the top of Mt. Fuji.

Lava flowed close to the seven warriors. '"That's funny," Goku thought. "Mt. Fuji has been an inactive volcano for centuries." They found Frieza's base separated from them between a thin stream a lava. They easily jumped over it. Too bad that the rest wouldn't nearly as simple.

A hatch opened in the ship. "Congratulations," someone said. "Welcome to Mt.Fuji." Psycho Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Black jumped behind the group. "I'm surprised all of you are still alive. Others wouldn't stand a chance against my Psycho Rangers." Goku looked around to see where Frieza's voice was coming from. He noticed that Ryu and Andros had already entered the base. As he rushed to aid them from a trap, Frieza appeared in front of him and punched him in the face. "You and colorful allies can't help any of them now. Psychos, attack!" The battle had begun.