After his phone call Travis made his way to one of the buildings he spotted, a run down warehouse where he thought he might be able to find something of use. The place was threadbare, but outside he did luck out with a lead pipe and an old screwdriver, rusted over from use.

There was nothing else so Travis headed back to the Hotel Rainbow, dropping the pipe outside. He walked past reception and went up to where the rooms were, finding one that he thought was unoccupied, before forcing the door open with the screwdriver.

He made his way inside and looked around, finding that the fridge contained several alcoholic drinks and the bathroom had a can of deoderant and a bottle of aftershave. An idea formed in his head and Travis checked the phone, taking note of the number to call the room, then made his way back out, careful to make sure the door looked as it should be.

Grabbing the pipe from outside, Travis went back to the warehouse and hid. Interpol knew where he was, now he just had to wait and see if they would listen to his demands.