"Okay." Nancy searched for a phone number to call. "I don't know how to contact them, but there is someone who might." Upon finding what she was looking for she went over to her phone and dialed. "Hey," Nancy said once somebody picked up. "I need to try and find somebody's phone number if you can help me."


"What the fuck?" The first thought that hit Reiko was that she was still alive. That was strange enough for her, looking over the devestation, but what was truely surprising was the force field that was visible around her. "What the hell is going on here?" It took her a moment to come to terms with what had occured, before thinking about her next course of action. "I'd better get out of here before the radiation makes me bald for life, and find my sister. She'll be able to explain this to me."


"She apparently was able to collect the souls of the human race," Travis was telling Jill as they drove along, explaining what Rei was capeable of. "Force evolving the human race."

"You believe her?" she asked. Travis leafed through the docuements Jill had from everyone involved with the investigation.

"That's what Rei said. I see no reason why she would lie about it." He passed over something for Jill to look at. "Explain this to me."

Jill pulled over and looked. "He considered the human race should be wiped out so it could start over."

Travis scoffed at the idea. "Sounds crazy, I know."

"Maybe because it is crazy. Bug nut crazy. Do you think this may be connected to Rei?"

Travis thought about it for a moment. "Dunno," he admitted. "Same for most of this. All this is moot in any case, we need to stop her regardless of what connection she has to this." He paused, thinking how this was Jill's show, not his. "That is, if that's what you want."

"I guess it is. I should know better, but this seems unbelievible."

"Doesn't it?" Travis agreed. "And this doesn't help much either, except to say that what was conducted in Antarctica was research into the same thing that Rei is supposedly capeable of."

"Maybe we could ask her about it, if she'd tell us or even know about it, I'm starting to wonder about killing her now."

"You'd rather let her live and risk what she may do?" Travis pondered Jill's question for a moment. "I'm not sure yet. Maybe when we examine all of this in detail," he waved what Jill gave him to look at, "we can work out what to do then."