Sofia tried to think of some devine reply to Cammy, greatful that she hadn't shown everything to her. Adam could have blown it by talking about what Interpol had done, but it seemed as though Cammy hadn't picked up on it. "True," she began, saying the words slowly both because of her trouble with english and so that the words would sink in. "But if I wore yellow yesterday I might wear red today." It was something the Russian had heard at one time or another. "You lucky you in one piece. If you try stop them, Lord knows what happen."


Um..." Travis wondered. "Good question. Leon?"

"Hotel I guess would be best place," Jill thought. There wasn't anywhere else they could go, not nearby at least.

"How about where Jun was?" Travis wondered.

"Fair distance," Leon pointed out. "She's not there."

"Ninjas as well."

"What?" Jill asked.

"She says ninjas are in that area." Travis shrugged. "Yeah, I know."

"Guess it's the hotel then." Jill looked at Uranus warily.

"If you trust them." Leon looked between Jill and his brother, wondering about this turn of events.

Travis yawned. "I'm just here for the ride," he admitted.