"Yeah," Nancy said, "I remember it." She thought for a moment as she drove. "She'd be the one to ask about this...blood stone thing." Nancy patted something in her pocket, relieved that it was safe. "As for me, I really ain't got no clue about it."


"I thought you wanted to see me," Travis pointed out. "Go, stay, doesn't matter, at least I don't think we need them hanging around if they have other plans."

"Hmm, I'd like to hear what your friend has to say," Jill said. She wanted to make sure that nothing would happen to jeperdise their mission.

"I agree." Leon wanted to hear what Uranus had for them, given the help she was before.


"His name's Timothy LaRoache," Jessie explained when she had returned and was taken to where the man was. "Looks like he'd tried to disguise himself."

"How do you know?" Rei asked.

"He said that who was after him could find him easily." She ran a hand across his bald head. "I'd say he shaved it off so as not to look obvious."

"Makes sense," Reiko agreed, half listening. Jessie reached down and grabbed Timothy's nose until he snapped awake.

"Huh? Who are you all?" His attention was somewhat on Rei, being able to recognise her when he first arrived.

"Revan." She reached out to the marks on his face. "Looks like you've had a scuffle. The same ones?"

"Yeah." Timothy looked around. "Who are the rest of these people?"

Neither Rei nor Reiko felt like answering. "Forget them, you're dealing with me now. Any more you can tell me?"

"Yeah, I think. Have the name of one of them, Josh Graham. The police called not long ago and said they knew who he was, but not an address because the bastard keeps moving about to avoid them."

"Figures." Reiko was thinking about what she was told. "Who's the cunt who attacked you again?"

Timothy looked at her for a moment. "It's okay, you can answer the question."

"The police said it's Josh Graham."

Reiko groaned in pain as she pushed herself up. "He runs with this gang. They're trying to tear shit apart."

"Yeah," Timothy agreed. "I worked that part out. They're into armed robberies and selling what they steal on the streets."

"Maybe you'd better show me where they pick on you."

"We shouldn't risk it." Jessie didn't know Reiko and didn't want to put the young man at risk. "He's hurt for starters..."

"If you can," Timothy pleaded, "please, I want to help with this."

Jessie wondered about letting them go, thinking it would be better if she went with them even though she was being hunted. Doesn't matter, she thought, they'll be long gone now and the amazon will be with him. Reiko swore to herself at the pain she was experiancing as she led the way out, slapping the couch to get Timothy to follow. "Let's go bitch."