"Figures," Travis said, "uh, about Rei that is." He looked at Jill and Leon before adding, "I think that's exactly what we want to hear about. We found some leads and are now going to...I dunno, talk to the..."

"What he means," Jill interjected, "is we are following up the enquiries we had about Rei."

"Even if we were to kill her, we're not certain that would be the end of it," Leon added. "And I'm not sure anymore about doing that."

Travis surprised himself as he said it. That was what he always thought he would have done. "So I guess we head up to the room and discuss it then, if there's no objection's."

"I'll join you," Jill said.

"We'll all go," Leon agreed.


Nancy did wonder what Rose was up to but left her alone. She was too busy driving, and fighting the urge to wring Jessie's neck when she got her hands on the young student. She wasn't sure she wanted to stop herself in any case, the girl knew better, there was no excuse for what she did and the stunt could jeperdise them all.


"You okay?" Timothy had worked up the nerve to ask Reiko as they drove along. She appeared fine but he noticed that she was in considerable pain.

"Feel like shit." It was as if she had overdone it weightlifting, every muscle ached as bad as she could ever remember, and for the life of her she couldn't understand why. Rei didn't fucking have a clue, did she? Reiko mused. So it ain't something to do with...

"Hey," Jessie said, "you mind with the kid here?"

"Fuck you bitch," Reiko replied, "I'm here to help so yes I do mind."

Jessie pulled the car to a stop and reached for something in her lap.

"Ain't fucking afraid of no gun." At that Timothy opened the door and jumped out. "Later."

Jessie started to chase after him as Reiko paused for a moment, before deciding to help. "Timothy," she called out, "Timothy come back." Jessie had caught up with him and was trying to calm him down. From where she was Reiko could see he was crying and overheard how much they were scaring him. She thought it best to stay where she was, until he ran off again. Jessie followed and Reiko, feeling bad, chased after him as well, wanting to make amends.

"Come on," Timothy yelled out, "it's just near here." About a hundred meters down was an open air mall where shoppers made their way up and down. It was here that Timothy stopped and began looking around.

"You okay?" Jessie asked.

"This is where they come after me."

She nodded and began to walk with him.

"See if you can see them anywhere." Timothy seemed reluctent, but Jessie pushed him to go. "Come on, I'll be right here."

Reiko looked and couldn't see any of then. "Don't see that dickweed Josh anywhere." She went over and tried the other side, seeing a couple of men she almost went after before realising it wasn't him. She waited for Jessie and Timothy at the end.

"Fucking typical." Jessie shot a glare at her before getting Timothy to double back. Reiko went on further to see if any of them were about, thinking that even if they had run they would still be around.