Sofia thought for a moment before replying. "For now, far as I know." Given Cammy's reaction so far she knew she had to reveal what she knew slowly. The information she did have could be harmful, and that was simply going by her limited understanding of it. "I might find more," she continued, cradling the phone in her massive hand. "I ask Adam." She placed it by her ear and asked in halting english if he could tell her, and by extension Cammy, what he knew about Interpol. After a moment Sofia repeated what she told Cammy so far.

"You not have to." Adam assured her that it was fine.

"Okay." Sofia was still weighing up the wisdom of moving Cammy anywhere. "Take time."


"Nancy," Jill said flatly. She knew, as did Leon and Travis, that she was currently looking after Rei. "Well two out of three ain't bad." Leon didn't really appreciate the comment Travis made.

"This isn't funny," Jill growled at him. "Well we know about her being with Nancy, we've tried to let her know about Rei but she wouldn't listen."

Leon chose to speak up at this point. "We figured there was still a threat with Rei," he explained.

"But human cloning, there's another one out there?"

"Shit." Leon nodded in agreement with Jill.

"Said it." Travis looked at Uranus. "Any, y'know, good news about Rei?"


"Revan?" Nancy called out as she entered her home, "Revan, get your ass here." She walked into the lounge to see Rei.

"Hey," she said, walking over to hug her. Rei felt...odd, as she commonly did when Nancy showed her affection like this. It was so forward, and on top of it they were both women. She fought the impulse to pull away as Nancy continued.

"You haven't seen Revan have you?" she asked, pushing her away.


"That woman who's here sometimes," Nancy explained. "I know her. She is not here." Nancy looked around for a moment, a look of sarcasm on her face. "Yeah, I figured that." Nancy checked outside. "She's not hiding out back?"

"No," Rei answered honestly. "Anything you can tell me?" Rei paused for a moment, knowing that it would not be wise to tell her about Jessie or Reiko, but that lying would serve to only anger her. "Mr Taylor was searching for her," she remembered, "and Mr Chambers knows about the situation."

"He'd probably try and defend her," Nancy said to herself. "Maybe I can find some task for the two of them until this is sorted." She went to a phone and dialed a number she remembered. "This is Nancy, call off searching for Revan if that's what you're up to and return here ASAP."