"Actually that's part of the reason we're here," Leon allowed them to know. He thought he could offer that much.

"Since Nancy thought for years we were after her it wouldn't be good to go after Rei," Travis explained. "Maybe by doing it this way we..." He paused as Leon moved to check something by the window. Jill got up and went over to the door. "What?" he asked.

"Quiet." Jill listened for a moment before shooting a glance at Leon.

"Nothing," he thought.


Adam didn't speak for a moment and when he did his voice was tinged with concern. "Perhaps we should leave it," he suggested. He still offered what he knew though. "Mexico City was nuked, the blame was placed on Interpol. Same thing happened...eight years ago I think, no it wouldn't have been that long. It was that incident in Raccoon City when the government stopped the virus from spreading." On the other end he shrugged. "Maybe there's some more on the Internet, if you can work out what's true and what's just speculation. I haven't been able to look yet."


"You still here?" Nancy asked. She had put some music on and was busying herself with what needed to be attended to.

"Yeah, everything's fine. Just need to get this organized." She went over to help Rei with the couch. "This was a bad idea, rearranging everything."