"Never seen her before," Travis admitted, "but she ain't too forthcoming with the answers." He grabbed the woman from Uranus and leaned in close. "Tell us who you are or I'll hand you over to her." He grabbed the woman's hair and forced her to look at Jill, still aiming the gun at her. "Are you with Interpol?" he demanded. "Answer me."


"Yeah," Nancy said, shrugging, "whatever." She turned her attention to Rei. "Tell me, what are rules, regulations and..."

"Excuse me," she heard someone say outside.

"And red tape," Nancy finished, before answering the question for Rei. "They're a criminal's best friend." She went to find out who was outside and opened the door to see Dave, eyeing off Rose as he passed her.

"Hmm..." he mused to himself before seeing Nancy. "Sergeant," he began.

"Did you find her?" she asked.

"Philip's on his way to get here now," Dave explained. "There's, uh, something you should know about it."

Nancy crossed her arms and thought about it, knowing that Dave was trying to cover for Jessie. "I guess it's good that you send Philip after her rather than do it yourself." Before Dave could reply she uncrossed her arms and walked back inside. "Okay, c'mon, I'll make sure Philip is on his way here with her and when I'm ready you can spit out what you think I need to hear."

"Um, sure." Dave followed, saying hello to Rei when he saw her, but thought she was likely to side with Nancy in this arguement. Still he had to do what he could.