Her shift over Reiko drove off from the hospital, in her own vehicle for once rather than one she borrowed. The thought crossed her mind to jack something sporty anyway but first she had business to attend to. Looks like an okay spot. She drove into a car park and pulled over, waited a moment and then climbed out. Looking around Reiko thought this would do nicely and began making her way to the stairs.


Nancy had stored the last of the equipment in the shed, away from where Sakura would find them. It belonged in there anyway, anyone ask it was for training. "Yeah, training." She wandered about the yard, thinking of the good old days when she trained up Philip, David, Jessie...and yet she had just gone out after a girl because of this new babysitter. She should be more disciplined, to run out and leave Lucian home alone like she had been. Nancy paused in her thoughts when she noticed that the grass had been trodden down near the pool. She went to take a closer look and saw that they were adult sized, so it wouldn't have been her son. They led to the fence, making her wonder if there was a prowler about. Even with Lucian and Sakura about, thinking about it again as she unlocked the laundry because of them, Nancy thought maybe she should have a gun handy, just the revolver in case there was a problem.

Sakura finishes talking to Cammy at the mall and bought the take home supper that she promised. Walking as fast as she could, Sakura went back home to Nancy's house with her hands full of food. Sakura stands outside the door waiting for someone to let her in. "I have supper ready. I hope Lucian likes pizza, chicken wings, chocolate bars and soda."


Reiko found a tire iron and picked it up before confronting Charlie. "You ain't a cop, and I'm guessing you're a coward and have a gun, so you're not a detective either." She raised the bar over her head. "Toss the piece. Now." If he didn't have the balls to do as she said Reiko would bury the claw into the stupid cunt's head.


Lucian was eager to help Sakura, especially given the junk food she bought. "Do you just?" Nancy figured to cut her some slack, she was just a kid after all. In future however she would handle the shopping. "Well these can go." The chocolate bars were scooped up to be locked away.

"Aw mom," Lucian began.

"Don't aw mom me, Sakura was nice enough to get us pizza, save the rest for later." She picked up a can of soda and pushed one to her son. "Drink that if you want something else."


Sakura sat down and began talking, trying to start a conversation. "Did I tell you the time that I won a hot dog eating contest at my school? I was able to eat 50 hot dogs in ten minutes!"


Chun Li decides that she had to warn Reiko after she saw Vega run off from James' restaurant ranting. Luckily Chun Li was able to take her car and track down where Charlie and Reiko was which wasn't too hard to find. Chun Li runs to Reiko getting her attention. "You Reiko? The one named Vega is coming here wanting to fight you. Something about revenge and you scarring his face. Just wanted to give you a warning

Reiko took in what Chun Li said before grabbing her. "Drop the gun," she ordered Charlie, knowing he wouldn't shoot with the Interpol agent in the way. "Drop it now."


"You don't say," Nancy said, her voice indicating that what Sakura did was nothing to be proud of in the least. She's just a kid, her mind whispered, let it go. Still, having a talk about unhealthy eating habits might be in order. She was just about to do so when the phone rang. "Go," she said to Sakura and Lucian before answering. "Hello?" Nancy's eyes raised at who was on the other end. "Philip."


"Bit angry I hadn't thought of that myself." Sofia's english was improving, to the point where she rarely stumbled over words now. "

Yeah, it's easy to get obsessive over it." She, Conner and the rest of her fire crew were on their way out to a fire, and the two of them were discussing Darwin Bedford's assault on religion.

"I not think much about it," Sofia admitted. "Being from Communist Russia maybe I should." She looked out to try and find any sign of the fire. "Reminds me, my neice was on phone. Wants to follow career."

"Going to follow in your footsteps is she?" Conner thought the Russian would appreciate the change in conversation. Instead she looked pensive, and went all quiet, which took him by surprise.

"Nyet," she finally said. "Petya want to become spy." I

t took Conner a moment to take this in. "A spy?" he repeated. "KGB or something?"

"They not exist anymore." Sofia recalled speaking at length about it. "Sees them more as movie heroes."

"Alias and all that huh." Before Sofia could answer Conner looked out to see they were near and went to prepare his equipment.