Charlie saw that Nancy was busy on the phone so he just talked to Jessie and Sakura about what he has done so far. "We have been researching hard. We have not found out the hideout where the terrorist criminals involved are hiding but we have managed to pinpoint a location to where Lucian was being held hostage. I've sent my spies over there to infiltrate and try to bring Lucian back home safely. It's a dangerous mission so I hope I did not make the wrong decision and I apologize for taking action without contacting you all first."


Vega stays with Albert waiting. He only agreed to help Albert because he saw it as a way for him to be one step closer in to getting his revenge on Reiko for scarring his beautiful face. Vega's phone rang and he learned that his men that were to go after Lucian lost the trail. They could not find Lucian and have given up. Vega was very angry and decides not to report this to Albert.


Jessie cupped her hand over the phone so she could listen to Charlie and Genesis rather than Albert.

"He's right," the police officer told them.

"Not another word of this until we are completely out of Nancy's earshot." She glanced back at the woman, still occupied at the computer. "We don't want her thinking about this or get her hopes up, but we will discuss this. In private."


Sofia didn't say anything, but she was concerned about Yun's desire for revenge. It would be a tall order, given what had happened, but maybe Nancy would have an idea. She looked up to see Philip. He was military, he might know as well. Yun seemed to want to be left alone for now so Sofia went over to confer with the air force pilot. "Not now, but could you talk about this?"

Philip thought about that, then shrugged. "He wants revenge, that's understandable. I don't know what could be done to help him, not without more information."

"Leave him for now," Sofia told him.

Philip nodded in agreement. "Listen, I'll try and find a way to sort out this other issue, Give me a call when he's ready to talk."


"Silly bitch doesn't sound interested in talking," Albert told Vega. He thought about allowing the terrorist on and see if he could threaten Nancy, or whoever was on the line, better than he could. "What we will accomplish will change the world." Even behind the mask Albert could tell Vega had other things on his mind. "Yes, you'll get your revenge too. I already have your assassin going after Nancy. When she finishes the job you can do with her as you wish, but we must not let it out that we lost the boy. We must find him so he can be used as leverage." He handed the phone over. "More specifically, you must make certain Nancy knows not to act against us." He was confident the Spanish ninja would handle it in his own unique way, he had to make certain that the incident could not be leaked in any way, and the preperations for stage two must be put in place. "Your former master would be proud. We will soon bring order to the world's chaos."


Sailor Pluto gives a sincere smile to Lucian to hopefully let him trust her. She was confident now that they had been able to escape from Vega's men for now but when they were rested up they would need to continue to journey back to Nancy's house and hopefully try and find a faster means of transportation besides walking. "Don't be scared, little one. Charlie of the US special forces has sent us over to rescue you and bring you home to your mom. That is a promise."

Sephiroth ignored what the boy said about him. He decides to keep quiet and stop asking Sailor Pluto questions at the moment as he did not want to fail a mission that Charlie had sent them out to do. Instead he just sat down and watched Lucian being held by Sailor Pluto. It was still dark and getting really cold, the weather didn't bother him but he thought that the boy could freeze and that would not go well with the boss Charlie if the boy was not rescued alive. "Here. This fire will keep you warm until you are ready to walk again. We can't stay here forever, Vega's search team wil surely find us here the next time they regroup and search." Using a Fire spell Sephiroth throws a small ball of fire at the ground to create a small camp fire.


Ken stops his car in Nancy's driveway as he noticed Charlie's car there too. Getting out of his car, Ken hops out of his car and walks over to Nancy's house. The door was unlocked at Ken walks in seeing a whole bunch of people. "Charlie, what are you doing here? Is this a party? If so I want to join."

"Ken, this is not a party!" Charlie scolds Ken knowing that that comment that Ken made would be sure to anger Nancy and Jessie if they heard. Charlie calmly explains what is going on. "This is serious work. We are working on a terrorist/kidnapping situation and you shouldn't be here."

Sakura wished that she wasn't in a wheelchair so she could kick Ken in the ass. "Ken this isn't a party! If you don't want to be in a wheelchair too like me you better leave before Nancy heard what you said!"


Jessie thought about it for a moment. On the one hand with the help they've had so far, and that involved everything from law enforcement to Marines, Army Rangers and Air Force, had yet to find anything. The officer would have liked to see if Nancy could have found something through the NSA, but even if that was possible Jessie knew she wasn't in a fit state at the moment, understandably. On the other hand an offer to help was an offer to help, a lesson she learnt from first her father and then Nancy was not to turn down an offer to help. "You think he can out the joking..." she stopped as Nancy took the phone out of her hands.

"Who the fuck is this?" she snapped, sounding as angry as Jessie had ever heard her.


Listening to Yun, Sofia thought of a tactic she could try, as misguided as the words she thought of using might be. It was a twisted way of using religion to reason out the feelings of revenge, she knew, but maybe they would help. It would probably depend, Sofia thought, on what knowledge he had of Gid and religion, what his feelings were. "Your master's death will be avenged," she promised, crouching beside him. Sofia thought of what else she could say, how far she should string him along.


Detective Walsh was on his knees, trying without much success to not look like a snivelling coward about to die. In front of him were two of the gangsters he was trying to have arrested in a sting operation. Now they were going to put a bullet in his head. He had no idea why they were waiting, and looked around frantically for some way to contact the police outside, but even if he could do something about the gag in his mouth he would be dead if he yelled out for them. "Hey girl," he heard one of them call out. "Need some heat for Miami I hear." In contrast to the loud mouthed gangster the girl seemed quiet, understated, but Walsh was able to hear she needed a piece for a hit. "Y'know we don't pull this for free. September 11 and all that made things hard on us boys. How we even know you ain't a narc?"

"I look like a narc to you?" the girl demanded, raising her voice. "Fuck, you know me. Why should I help the pigs out."

"Glad to hear it." The other thug went to lead them inside. "Ya gotta do something for us first."


Albert had confidence that Vega would be able to deal with the boy. Even if he could not handle a mere child he had served his purpose. The kidnapping would have hurt and distrated that bitch Nancy enough to take her out of play. That meant they would be able to proceed uninhibited. "Are preperations for stage two in place?" he asked.


Lucian still didn't trust Sephiroth, there was something about him that gave the child the creeps. He remembered his mother saying something like that, how you could just tell with people what they're like. At times they were wrong, but Lucian thought it important to trust his intuition. It was now telling him that whatever he thought he couldn't say or do anything. Given Sephiroth's demonstration of his powers running seemed unwise, and he didn't know where he could run to. "If we aren't safe shouldn't we be getting out of here?" He began to do just that, moving so Pluto was between them and heading off in the direction he thought was their best chance at escape.