Charlie decided to let Ken explain to Nancy why he was here and let him try to get out of the mess he was in. However Charlie wasn't quite sure if Nancy heard what Ken said about partying. Walking to a corner, Charlie decides to call Sailor Pluto and Sephiroth on his cellphone. He dials the number and waits for an answer. "Answer the phone, I need to know if you found Lucian or not."

Ken all of a sudden began to get nervous as he saw Nancy's look and how she was demanding answers. Ken tries walking out the back door as he wanted to leave and it was a real mistake to come here. "Sorry my bad. I thought that everyone was having a party here and I wanted to join. I was in the mood of drinking booze and dancing to loud music."

Sailor Pluto immediately answered her phone as she follows Lucian. She answers Charlie's phone call and reports to him. "Hi Charlie. Yes, we have Lucian and we are now bringing him back to Nancy but the journey could take about a week as the walk back is far. That is if nothing goes wrong." Sailor Pluto regretted opening her big mouth as she heard gun shots that began firing near Lucian. "Get down!"

Sephiroth saw the assassin firing his gun at Lucian. His aim was poor but if he continues firing he would surely hit and fatally kill Lucian. Not wanting to waste any time as this mission was important to Charlie, Sephiroth managed to sneak behind the assassin and use his sword to chop his torso in half killing him. "This reminds me of my good old days back home. But we can't stand around and chat any more we have to get going. That way should be a short cut!" Sephiroth waits for the boy to get up to walk and start the long journey back home. It was going to be a difficult journey but good thing Charlie sent for him on this mission.


Nancy listened on the phone for a moment before she appeared a lot more subdued, Jessie thought she did anyway. Her words only served to strengthen that belief. "Tell her to hold on, I'll be right there." Nancy placed the handset down, looking at everyone. "What? Show's over, standing around isn't going to find my son." She went to push them out of her way. "Look after the girl if you want to help, think you can manage that?" Jessie watched her go, wondering what made her have a sudden change of heart.


"I can train you," Sofia said after a moment. She was a certified kung fu and wrestling instructor, so the offer was legitimate. What concerned the Russiajn was how Yun might use what she taught him. He wanted revenge, understandable given what she knew, and she didn't want him to go looking for it. "You see..." Sofia was about to explain her earlier words, but thought better of it. She didn't know how Yun might react to her explaining vengence was God's, and in any case she wasn't one to preach to the unconverted, which is how she took Yun's religious beliefs at the time, despite the fact he came here to her church in his grief. Besides, Sofia thought, there was perhaps another way to get through to him, that was of course if he accepted her offer.


"Good," Albert commented, looking at the number of bombs around him. "Excellent." Around half of them were amateurly made, the type of devices that someone at home could whip up in a couple of hours. The rest were still crudely made, but had the appearence of being crafted by professionals, if they could come up with the materials. Albert was about to issue Vega orders when his phone rang. "Yes?" he said, listening for a moment before disconnecting. "Bitch refused to keep quiet about her son's kidnapping." He fought for control of his anger. "She's telling everyone she can. Kill the boy, I don't care anymore."