"What's she doing here?" Jessie had seen Sofia when they pulled up and immediately went on the defensive. Nancy looked and smiled gratfully when she saw who it was.

"Who knows. Good she's here though." Nancy climbed out, while Jessie busied herself with parking in the garage. "Needed to speak to you," she told the Russian. Sofia nodded sagely.

"Need to speak with you too." She waited a moment for Nancy before continuing. "You follow terrorism much anymore?"

"No, not me," the ex Marine had to admit, "it's all atheists for me now. That's the big issue far as I'm concerned." Sofia wasn't quite certain how to ask what she wanted to know, and finally decided the best way was to simply go ahead and explain what happened.

"Someone came to church. He claim terrorists killed master."

"His master?" Nancy parroted. "What's that mean?"

"I believe martial arts instructor. You have ways of finding out about it?" Nancy pondered the request for a moment.

"I might know a way to," she said finally. "But why?"

"So perhaps something can be done." She looked for Jessie, but she had apparently decided to make herself scarce.

"I'm retired," Nancy said, "even gave up the freelance stuff. I'm not sure how much help I can be, and there's still my son."

"I understand." Sofia put on her best comforting look. "Is that what you wish to speak about?"

"Among other things." Nancy went to guide Sofia inside, remembering she wanted to see Sakura as well. "It's a long story. If you have some time..."

"Of course."


"Vega and his team will reach their destination any time now," Mina told Albert.

"I fail to see how this will help in achieving our goals," he replied. "You arrange for some thug to be drugged and sent down to deal with a mess in Mexico, then you send some of our forces there as well. Why?"

"You will be seen as doing the right thing, for one," Mina explained slowly. "For another, Vega was willing to kill American soldiers if they are indeed behind what is happening. How loyal do you think he will be to serve us if the woman he hates more than anything else is offered to him?" Albert considered this, but could not look past the allegations that caused Mina to send Vega off in the first place.

"If it is American soldiers that are responsible then wouldn't their religious teachings be to blame for their actions?"

"If it is American soldiers...I have several other possibilities."

"And you sent our forces out anyway?" Mina looked in on a video of Lucian.

"Nancy would do anything to save her son, regardless of what we do to stop her." Albert meanwhile checked on a computer to see what she might have been up to.

"Well so far she hasn't ceased in her efforts against us. She's telling everyone she can about what we did."

"And we might not be able to stop her." Mina saw this spooked Albert, admitting that there was the possibility of failure. "We just have to be ready." ********* "What happened here?" Nancy wanted to know upon seeing the kitchen. The fact that she didn't sound outraged about it convinced Sofia to tell her the truth.

"A little incident. We stopped it from being worse."

"We?" Nancy then realized she hadn't seen the girl she was training. "Where's Sakura?" she asked, concerned.


"Fucking cocksuckers." Reiko suffered from sleep apnia, meaning she could fall asleep at any time, anywhere. It was something that befell her when she first got on the plane, however seeing that she was now flying over Mexico realised that they must have drugged her somehow. Reiko looked about for a possible suspect before reasoning she wouldn't know who to kill over this. Just then her cell phone rang.

"Don't hang up," the voice on the other end told her. Reiko knew the voice, it was that cop she had a couple of run ins with, Jessie.

"My nigger." She wasn't in a particularly good mood and thought being racist would end the conversation.

"Hey listen you stupid Jap, there's someone after you. Why I don't know, but it has something to do with Mexico." And that made Reiko listen.

"Yeah?" she wondered. "Why's that?"

"I don't know the details," Jessie replied honestly, "but one of the gang member you used to run with wanted me to warn you. I couldn't say anything until now, because of Nancy."

"You know there's someone after her?" Reiko thought dropping that hint would get Jessie to cooperate, but Jessie knew how to play the game as well.

"A lot of people are after her." Reiko figured there was little surprise in that.

"Don't fuck me around and I might let you in on the details." Reiko hung up at that point for the plane to descend.


"Have contact with target," Sergeant Medcraft reported to Mina, keeping an eye on Vega. "Hold? Okay." He turned to the Spanish Ninja to relay the information he was given. "As you probably know San Chakata has been under attack by possibly the soldiers protecting the boarder. First it was women, now children have started disappearing." He looked around, not liking the way the locals were looking at them. "There's a local guerilla group in the village who have been organising to..." he stopped as several men approached them, their AK 47s clearly visible slung over their shoulders.

"¿Qué la cogida usted está haciendo aquí? ¡Salga de aquí, asshole!" A translation from Vega was unnecessary, the tone was enough to give the impression they were not welcome. A secone guerilla spoke in accented english.

"We don't want your help in this matter. You gringos aren't welcome here." Alex looked to Vega, hoping that as he was Spenish he would be able to intercede.